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blood alcohol levels
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blood alcohol levels

  My husband has been having episodes of mental confusion, fatigue,
   sweating(it has a sweet smell).  These episodes used to last for  
  about 1 day.  He would sleep about 15 hours and then feel fine, but
  lately, they have been lasting for a few days (at which time
  he has to sleep about 18 hours out of 24).  These episodes
  occur about once a month.  Otherwise he is a very healthy 35 year old male.
   He does not and never has been an excessive drinker - about 1
  beer a week(no hard liquor).  He has had an EEG and an MRI that have ruled out
  any brain problems.  However, his liver enzymes have been a little
  high and one time his blood alcohol level was 326.  I was with him
  the entire day and he only consumed 1 beer 6 hours before the blood a
  alcohol test was done.  He is NOT drinking excessively before or
  during these episodes.  My question is, is there anything else an
  extremely high blood alcohol level could indicate?  What else could cause
   a high blood alcohol level? I would greatly appreciate any answers.
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Dear Suzanne:
I found your question very intriguing and hopefully I can be of some help.
First of all I will assume your husband
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