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chest pain when swallowing
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chest pain when swallowing

  I have been having chest pain while swallowing food for the last
  couple of months now. It's a dull pain that occurs on the right
  side of the chest with every swallow. The doctor can't seem to
  figure out what the problem is. Chest x-ray doesn't show
  anything unusual. Zantac doesn't help. My bowel movement is
  regular except now I've passing a lot more stool than usual. It's
  like malabsorption or something since I also lost like 5 lbs in
  the last couple of months. My question is what I shoulddo next. I
  have seen a gastro doctor, should I be seeing another kind
  of doctor?
  Thank you for your time.
Dear AJ,
I would talk to the gastroenterologist about the possibility of ordering additional tests to assess your swallowing including a movie of the esophageal function during swallowing.  If your problem is an esophageal dysmotility, this may be the best way to make the diagnosis.
This information is presented for educational purposes.  Ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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