constant air in the stomach unable to belch
by djtrackie, Aug 04, 2005
Hello, i am a 22 year old asian male.  5'10"  160lbs.  

Within the last year or so, ive been having trouble burping.  Many times (at least several times a week) I would feel a lot of air in my stomach - mostly after eating or drinking soda or whatever.  It was okay for a while, but I didn't think it was normal for me to produce that much gas in my stomach and for me to be unable to burp.  I would feel a lot of pressure in my stomach and pressure in my throat indicating a need to belch, but would be unable to do so.  It wasn't painful, but terribly unconfortable.  

I saw my doctor and she attributed it to too much acid in my stomach.  She said I was eating on time and that my stomach was producing acid and when food hit my stomach, gas would be produced and that's what would happen.  So she prescribed zantac 150mg and I took it for a couple of days.

Well, my symptoms have NOT improved - so i stopped taking zantac.  I take 150mg of zantac at day and night before meals.  No apparent change.  I stopped taking zantac for a couple of days and right now my symptoms are WORSE.

Lately, within the last week or so.. i have CONSTANT air in my stomach.  I go to school at 11:20am so I wake up at 10:30am to go to class.  By the time it is 12:30 or so (I haven't eaten by that time) I would start getting gas in my stomach.  And would feel a need to burp.  The gas will contiinue to build in my stomach until i am extremely uncomfortable, finally it will force it's way out my throat.  (not a real burp, more like a sudden let out of air).

This will continue throughout the day (ALL DAY long)... more and more gas builds up.  I feel gas and pressure in my stomach and throat as we speak.  There is no way i can voluntarily let out the air, and sometimes I feel as if i have to vomit.  Sometimes i actually cough like i'm about to vomit but nothing comes up except a loud cough.  

I called my doctor again and she presribed reglan.  I took it last night and instead of helping me, it made me extremely lethargic.  I slept like 16 hours yesterday (naps including).  I didn't want to take it again today because i have things to do.  

I find myself taking GAS-X (simethicone) and it helps a tiny bit.  It makes it slightly easier belch, but this doesn't address the problem!

I haven't been drinking any soda lately and I consider my diet to be fairly normal.  Today I had chicken and pasta for lunch, a smoothie as a snack, and steak and eggs for dinner.  I usually eat 4 meals a day.

Please help me, because this is seriously affecting my quality of life.
by Kevin Pho, MDBlank, Aug 04, 2005
There can be many reasons for increased gas in the stomach.  This can include the various causes of dyspepsia - such as ulcers, inflammation of the upper digestive tract, or GERD.  

Irritable bowel syndrome can given an increased sensation of gas.  So can various types of malabsorption syndromes.

You can work this up with an upper GI series or upper endoscopy - which can evaluate for the various causes of dyspepsia.  

More specialized testing can include blood tests for celiac disease - which can lead to increased gas.  

If the tests remain negative, you can consider treating irritable bowel syndrome with various types of antispasmodic agents.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician, or in conjunction with a GI evaluation.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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by yoshi, Aug 04, 2005
have you tried chewing gum,your own salive contains bicarbonate,it will neutralise the gas in your stomach?
drinking a glass of water with half a teaspoon of baking soda will do the same,but it has a lot of sodium.
extra strength GAS-X is more effective than just plain regular Gas-x.
Have you been checked for hector pylori bacteria,your doc can give you a breath test in his office .
stay away from soda,caffeine,grease,spice,peppermint,chocolate ,dairy products,tomato and tomato sauce.
you should also make appointment with a gastro doc if your symptoms do not go away.
by yoshi, Aug 04, 2005
eating red delicious apple helps,try it.
by djtrackie, Aug 05, 2005
can anyone tell me what an "upper gi series" is?  And regarding the upper endoscopy, has anyone had this done?  what is it like?
by Emalyn, Aug 05, 2005
Upper endoscopy they go in through the mouth while you're on a sedatitive, pain killer and amnesiatic combo.  You won't remember much, although you might have a sensation of "waking up" while it's going on (although you're actually awake the whole time).  They'll have you lie on your stomach with your head to one side.  They'll hit you with the drugs and once you're "out" they'll put a tube in your mouth and down your throat.  There's a variety of things they can do during an endoscopy - they can do a lithotripsy (deep sound waves to break up something like gall stones) small surgeries, biopsies, etc.

When you wake up you'll have a sore throat fit to beat the band, but sucking on ice will help.  It'll fade in a day or so.
by Buf Montana, Aug 08, 2005
I have a hiatal hernia and I have similar symptoms. I have a hard time belching and I get very bloated and uncomfortable. Gas-X only helps a little bit. You might want to consider having an endoscopy(camera down the throat)to see what's going on down there. It's not a bad test. They give you some good drugs and it's over before you know it.
by djtrackie, Aug 09, 2005
I went to a GI doc today and an upper endoscopy is scheduled in two weeks.  I'm a little bit scared.

I will update when the results come in.  (2 - 3) weeks from now

thanks everybody for your advice.
by Kees, Aug 16, 2005
I recognize a terrible lot in the accurate description of the building up of gas during the day and the feeling in your throat.

I started 7 years ago (within days after an extreme hard push on my abdomen during a massage) with this vague uncomfortable, pulling-like sensations in my throat from approx.
by cburnap, Aug 27, 2005
Hi, I just came across your post and had to comment.  I am a 5'10" woman age 34 and have been having symptoms very similar to the ones you have described.  It has been about 5 years now and the gas problem seems to be slowly worsening for me.  For the first two years I saw alternative doctors (homeopathic, chinese herbalist, acupuncture, etc...) but had no luck.  I also worked with a nutritionist for a year eliminating foods and buying every supplement ever made-it seems.  The last 3 years I have been seeing MD/specialists and had every test they have to offer done with no results (I would list them all, but it would take too long).  The last specialist I saw-at a University said that they cannot offer me any more help-I have exhausted their tests/perscriptions, etc...He suggested tyrying alternative therapies-again.  
Basically the symptom is gas in my stomach (at least that's what it feels like).  I notice it can worsen sometimes with more fibrous food, but that is the only pattern.  Most days (on a scale of 1-10) it is about a "4-5", but several times a month it is about a "9".  It will usually flare up around 4:00pm and then the only thing that can help a little is to lie on my left side slightly "proped up" and then a little bit of gas will come up-but not much.  
I have found that people don't really get how uncomfortable this can be-I don't know what to do next, but can't give up.  My email address is ***@****
if anyone is interested in discussing this.