green stool and pain
by wonderIND, Aug 30, 2006
Last 4 days I have had bright green stool. Pretty solid but not hard formed. Have had no constipation, 1 to 2 stools per day. I have not eaten anything unusual or green. I have had a series of symptoms that don't seem connected, but feel they have to be.

Started 1st of June, took antibiotic for tooth infection and had diarrea for 2 weeks.  After that, mid June had bright red blood on toilet paper for a bit, just ignored it. Then mid-July had bloody diarrea with lots of blood in bowl, next day had large "vein" of red blood on outside of stool. Scared me enough to go to Dr. where he said he saw 1 or 2 anal fissures probably caused by diarrea. Thought sigh of relief and blood went away.  

Then 2 weeks later ran 5 miles, had feeling of pain in upper right ab region. Didn't go away saw dr., scheduled ultrasound for gall bladder, while waiting for test, pain worsened, felt very "tight" there, hurt when breathing, hurt if moved a lot, hurt if I burped. Also had 3 attacks lasting 1 to 2 hours that had intermittant severe cramp like pain that radiated from the upper right to all of outer right side. during those i could hardly lift myself from lying position on right side.  Felt better by time of ultrasound a week later and it was clear, no gallbladder probs present. During this time, blood in stool came back much in same manner, mainly on toilet paper, once in bowl, one more "veinlike" blood on stool. Started to worry a lot, scheduled with internal specialist but it was 3 weeks out. In meatime, upper right pain gone, thought I was better again, but then had 3 days of very uncomfortable twisting, tight pain across lower abdominal area. Intestines very noisy. Never had any bowel probs before. I scheduled colon specialist and he saw me immediately. Did rectal exam and scope of lower colon, said he didnt' see anal fissure, but did see internal hemroids. I now have schduled a colonoscopy with him in another 3 weeks.  Again in meantime saw internal specialist who said sounds  like ripped muscle in abdominal region. However, that doesn't explain twisting pain in lower abs.  Pain does not seem to be connected to food at all.

Now I am posting because I forgot to tell him that I have had very green stool last week. Today was extremely bright and am wondering what is this? It seems like it has to be connected.

Only medication I am on is a cream for hemroids containing nifedipine.  Am not taking iron, only a calcium supplment.

Any ideas? safe to wait the 3 weeks for colonoscopy without doing any thing in meantime? Was also wondering if it could possibly be a parasite or infection? should I contact my internal medicine dr and tell him about the green stool? Everything I have been reading says probably means nothing, but it just doesn't seem possible that it could mean nothing with all these other symptoms.
by Kevin Pho, MDBlank, Aug 31, 2006
I am not aware of serious GI diseases associated with green stool.  Obviously intake of vegetables and foods with green food coloring can lead to this.  Irritable bowel syndrome can decrease the transit time, leading to green stool.  Malabsorption syndrome can lead to similar findings as well.  

I agree with a colonoscopy as the next step.  A 3-week wait time is reasonable - however I will leave it to your physician to determine if this is an appropriate wait.  I suspect that unless there was severe bleeding, waiting this time is fine.  

The stool should also be tested for various forms of infection (including parasites) as well as malabsorption.  

These options should be discussed with your personal physician or gastroenterologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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by SkylerMA, Sep 07, 2006
Do you eat a lot of licorice? That can turn stool green.
by wonderIND, Sep 08, 2006
No, didn't eat anything that I can think of. Green stool has passed now and everything is feeling good. Thinking it was maybe infection or something. Just have my colonoscopy left and hopefully that is clear.  Thanks for the help