high ALT level !!!!!!
by gamecock9, Jul 31, 2005
I am a 37 year old male, I am 6'2 in hieght and weigh 240 pounds, which is about 35 pounds over my ideal weight, I do not work out very often and have a very stressful work schedule.I also drink alcohol(red wine, no liquor) 5 days a week and take Lipitor 40mg for high cholesterol. I had a normal blood test result in August 2004 but I had elevated liver functions this past April, my AST was 44, my GGT was 67 and my ALT was 70. My doctor had me quit drinking for a few months and to start working out and watching what I ate which I did. I went back on July 1 and got my bloodwork retested and the AST was 41, the GGT was 50 and the ALT was the only function that remained high at 72. Should I be concerned about this mild elevation on the ALT? My doctor says that the Lipitor is probably causing the elevation and that the benefit that the medication is having on my Cholesterol outways the mild elevation, that in order to take me off of the Lipitor that the level would have to be 3 times the normal limit. I have my first child on the way and just want to understand my levels and what they mean, should the mild ALT elevation concern me??????????????????????
by Kevin Pho, MDBlank, Aug 01, 2005
It is possible that the Lipitor is raising the ALT level.  It is also a reasonable assessment that the benefits of Lipitor outweights a mild ALT elevation.  

Other possibilities can include hepatitis as well as other liver/gallbladder issues.  Blood tests looking for viral hepatitis as well as an ultrasound to evaluate the liver and gallbladder can be considered for further evaluation.  

If negative, the enzymes can be serially monitored to ensure it is not rising.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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by Sarah Connors, Jul 31, 2005
It should not concern you at all. The elevation of ALT level is not related to your wine consumption but most likely, as your doc suggested is from the side effects of Lipids lowering meds.

by gamecock9, Aug 01, 2005
is the 72 ALT number a big reason for concern or could I live with that and not have permanent liver damage?
by Brandon2, Aug 07, 2005
Hi Guys...

Should i be worried?!,im 43 and just started to see a Doctor for basically the 1st time in my Adult life(for Chest pains).I was concerned about my lungs,the Doctor felt i should have Bloodwork done also,He called me 1 week later and advised me to stop all alchohal immediately.
He had me in the office(3 days ago) and showed me a test result with '5-35' and '226',explaining that the '5-35' was the normal range and i tested at '226',and has since passed me onto a specialist.He seemed to not want to explain this in too much detail
i have no clue about anything to do with Medicine,and came here to get an idea of what i may be facing before i meet with the specialist.

If anyone has a similar experience i would truely appreciate any input at all,Thank You
by FlDebra, Aug 09, 2005
When you evaluate a test result, you really need to take in into consideration with the particular lab's reference range.  Then can vary.  I have seen some go to 35, some to 40 etc. as a top end.  

Then you need to consider that if it was acute hepatitis, the ALT might be 10 times the reference range; chronic hepatitis something like 4 times, but some liver disorders will see this number look normal.  So, it is only a clue, and if you have an explanation (the statin med).... it might be just fine to remain at 72.  The med recommendations do say if the ALT remains >3 times the upper limit, then the Lipitor should be reduced or discontinued.  So, you should be fine.
by big3901Mike, Aug 09, 2005
I've had high AST & AlT levals for 15 years. I don't drink alcohol and don't use pills of any sort except sometimes aspirin. I've had the ultra sound on liver,more than once, tests for hepititis--everything negative. I've found out that its what I eat,to much fatty foods, greasey foods,--control that and you will lower the levals. Yours are not to bad,my ALT runs from 45 to 185 depending on controling my diet.
by Gloomy, Aug 20, 2005
I am a 36 year old female and my weigh 100 pounds since teenager.  I am more on the slim side. I dont take alcohol and dont smoke.  
I have a 9 year old kid and planning to have another kid soon.

I found out that I am having seizure after fainting in the office.  This is very very new to me.  I was given Tegretol and Dilatin.  

Few days ago, I had full check up and found out that I have thyroid too and my liver is effected.  It was really a shocking news to me.  I used to be very healthy person but now experiencing all sort of illness.  My ALT is 54 and AST is 45 and  Free T4 is 9 and Platelet Count is 404.  

I dont understand this..  am I in trouble.  Is my liver condition bad.  Will I be able to have a kid again. Can I take supplements for my thyroid and liver.  Please help.

by gamecock9, Aug 22, 2005
first of all you have nothing to worry about, these are so mildly elevated and you have a reason, the medication. Do not worry, these are in line levels compared to so reference ranges, I mean my AST is 72 and my doctor isn't the least bit worried, I am on Lipitor. Good luck.
by YCSED, Apr 30, 2008
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