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how long do you have to use acid suupresors for gastritis?
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how long do you have to use acid suupresors for gastritis?

been on pepcid 40, then 20 twice a day for almost 4 months.have been feeling better but now i am trying to stop and i feel sick again.any input?:)h.pylori gastritis.
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What were your symptoms that indicated h.pylori gastritis? I was treated for h. pylori but I still think I have it. My upper abdomen kills whenever I eat something. Please advise.
You probably have gastritis. If you've had H-Pylori, chances are you have gastritis too! Very painful at times, especially when you eat. You should have an endoscpy done by your gastroenterologist.

Hi Maria-
How have you been feeling? I think it would be a good idea to keep taking them. How long did your doctor tell you? If it's too soon, you could hurt your chances of recovery. How has the gastritis been?

Hey jenn, how are you?well i have been feeling better some improvement.and i think you rightmaybe i should keep taking them for now.i skipped a dose the other day and felt a little sick.i still have a lot of stress:( concerning my overall health and that doesnot help.everything that i see here i think i have and i am sure there is a lot of people like me.my doctor told me to keep taking it until my strees level got better.but i think it needs work still lol.how are you? has your pain subsided?
Try not reading the board so much. It's not healthy!!!!! Go get yourself better. Keep taking your meds and WATCH your diet. I feel ok, still kind of the same. I'll keep you posted and you do the same.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have read somewhere (sorry, forgot where), that it is normal to have gastritis after H. Pylori for about a year. The good news is that it goes away though!
Sorry for the late post, its been some weeks since I posted about Gastritis (6/6/02 still on forum)

I saw my Gastro consultant and asked alot of questions about the condition.
Here are the quetions and answers...

1. What can cause gastritis?

   H Pylori.
   Can a functional problem with anything else cause it?


2. How long does it take to recover?

   He suggested that the Dr who performed the endoscopy probably elaborated at "Gastritis"
   in my case and he only suspects "Non-ulcer functional dyspepsia" (NUD). He talked months, not years.
   Gastritis can be misdiagnosed as tv monitor set up can make the stomach look inflammed.
   Very subjective diagnosis in mild cases.

3. Is there any other bacterias that could cause it (Gastritis/NUFD)?

   There is no medical proof to support that other bacterias can survive in the stomach.

4. Would antibiotic treatment help me?

   Only if you had H Pylori.

5. Are pains attacks typical?

   Yes, episodic problems are common with "Non-ulcer functional dyspepsia"

6. Are there side effects of Zantac? (I was suffering from rib pain)

   Very unlikely to be causing rib pain.

7. Is Zantac (Ranitidine) the best drug to be taking?

   No, its cheap, slow acting and must be taken without fail.
   Nexium is far better, fast acting and more effective. Take "as and when" in my case.

8. Should I expect acid rebound coming off Zantac?


9. Can alcohol make the condition worse?

   Yes, alcohol stimulates stomach acid production.

Obviously these are my consultants views, people will have
different opinions I'm sure!

He suggested I come off the Zantac which I've been off for 3 weeks. Had severe acid rebound.
After 6 days acid subsided and felt much much better. Funny rib pain subsided also!

Have no Nexium as yet, need to go to doctors to collect. Have been muddling through and have had
2-3 acid attacks. There is no question alcohol does affect my condition even in small amounts.

Pressure / bloated pain below breastbone. Have "attacks" that last a day, then sore for 2 days after.
Re-occurs every 10-14 days. No pain in back. Just pain below breastbone. Tender to press after an attack.
Stomach feels better empty. As day progresses and after eating pain get worse.
Seem to suffer from constant indigestion.

Endoscopy - told I had mild Gastritis.
Abdominal ultrasound - everything normal - no stones/sludge anywhere.
H Pylori negative - breath test.

I hope this info is some use to somebody!

C ya

OK. Now I feel SOOOO much better ;)  You are the only person that seems to have the "Exact" same symptoms as mine. It has to be gastritis. Here's what you said...........

"No pain in back. Just pain below breastbone. Tender to press after an attack.
Stomach feels better empty. As day progresses and after eating pain get worse.
Seem to suffer from constant indigestion."

TOTALLY me! Feel better on an empty stomach, but not really. Feel good when I eat, BUT 20 min later feel like a load of **** is hangiong out in my stomach just dragging.....LOL   Slow to digest I think. Now I'm noticing lower left rib pain. Hmmmm
Always something new. As for the TV monitor and gastritis, they took a biopsy which "Confirmed" chronic gastritis. Did you yourself have a biopsy taken? ALWAYS a good idea. Your doc is pretty much right on the money as far as his responses. My doctor said all the same things. Pretty normal. Have you completely stopped taking meds?

Do you  feel as if a heat ball in erupting in your stomach for over 2 hours after a small meal ?
Have you lost weight ?
Did they put you on the Brat diet ?
Do you have allergies to foods ?
I tried Nexium for 6 weeks and no help ?
Ranitidine made my heart race.
Any over the couters ?
Tums, Rolaids, Mylanta: no help
9 months and 20lbs that I need back................
I have no more burning. Haven't in weeks. I think the protonix for 5weeks did the trick. I no longer take it, or anything for that matter and I'm eating just about what I want. I finally gained some weight as well. Maybe you should try another PPI. The PPI's may need to be taken longer in your case. The ONLY thing that worked for me was the protonix. Good luck!
I've been off Zantac (Ranitidine) for 3 weeks now.
Just been taking "otc" indigestion remedies when I feel I need to.

Once again though I'm back in pain, I really must get to the doctors for the nexium. Is it going to help... I wonder?
Have you used Nexium? The consultant said use "as and when"!
My last experience with a PPI caused terrible abdominal discomfort, cramps and bloating... maybe too effective on the acid.

I know I will be better in 48 hours though, should I just
not treat it? Nothing I've tried really helps when these "attacks" occur. I dose myself up and it goes away.
I think I try just waiting it out....

Do you have these "attacks" Toccoah?

I have some really good periods where I feel much much better.

No biopsy was taken during the endoscopy. They just had a good look round - everything normal except the slight imflammation.

Sleep is my only real relief at the moment :-(

C ya
If you didn't have a biopsy taken, than there's no way to tell whether or not your gastritis is chronic, or acute. Also, how did they test you for H-Pylori? I was tested when they took the biopsy. They looked under the microscope at the biopsy and diagnosed me this way. The biopsy is what showed the chronic gastritis cells. I've also tried nexium. I've tried them ALLLL!!
Only the protonix helped. I'm getting ready to have a hida-scan next week. The doctor wants to make sure the pain isn't being caused by my gallbladder. I do get the attacks and I'll start burping like crazy. Gassy burps, like indigestion. Also, the pit of my stomach up above will start hurting really bad, especially if I push in or rest a book on my abdomen. It's strange!!!!!!!!!!
I'll let you know what happens.

The H pylori test was a breath test. Are they reliable?
My Gi bloke said they are...

Feel much better today. Weird. No pain now, very unusual!

Saw your other post regarding feeling pulse in stomach area.
When my stomach is off, I can really feel almost a "throbbing"
below my breastbone... maybe thats exaggerating a little lol

I go to normal Docs next tuesday for Nexium.

Have you had an ultrasound for gallstones and sludge?
I know gallbladders can be poor at expelling the bile, have you considered SOD?
I have, but am still holding onto the gastritis/NUFD diagnosis at present!

Good luck with the hida scan next week.


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