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lesions due to coeliac disease
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lesions due to coeliac disease

8 years ago,I developed an ataxic gait.An MRI revealed lesions on my cerebellum,and the neuro subsequently diagnosed MS.I developed none of the usual MS problems,but at exactly the same time I developed severe intestinal problems,which were diagnosed as being caused by coeliac disease.Since giving up gluten,both the intestinal problems and the ataxia have disappeared.My question is this.....could the lesions on my cerebellum actually have been `white matter lesions` or occipital calcifications caused by my gluten intolerance? As there was no knowledge of gluten involvement at the time of my MRI,it was read by a neurologist,not a gastroenterologist.Would it help if  I had the scan re-read by a gastro?

Thank you for your help
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It might help.

Also, type in "Celiac Disease" into your favorite search engine, and you will find much helpful information about CD!

There's a great old book (1976) called "GOOD FOOD, GLUTEN FREE" by a British lady, Hilda Cherry Hills that I recommend, if you can find it.

The book not only has recipes that are gluten-free, but also discusses "Other Diseases Which May Benefit from a Gluten-Free Diet: Multiple Sclerosis [MS], Schizophrenia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Regional Enteritis and Autism",

and this book discusses "Other Conditions apparently Linked with Celiac Diseases: Diabetes, Skin Disease, Milk Intolerance."

It's great that you are seeing improvement from your gluten-free diet. Gluten is in wheat, rye, oats, barley, and buckwheat. Although corn and millet are supposedly gluten-free, many are allergic to corn, and millet agrees with some Celiacs, but not with others. It may be best to avoid both corn & millet, for some Celiacs.

Some Celiac patients need to avoid all grains, period! (temporarily), until the "villi" heal up, in the small intestine.

If someone just can't avoid all grains, (ORGANIC IS BEST) BROWN RICE (whole grain rice) is gluten-free, and besides being yummy, can often be found in the following forms at good health food stores:

long grain brown rice, short grain brown rice, basmati brown rice

brown rice pastas (spaghetti, spirals, lasagna, etc.)

brown rice cereals

brown rice cookies

brown rice flour (can make yummy cakes & cookies, etc. from this)

brown rice bread (better tasting if made at home, from scratch, using a good recipe)

You might also want to check over at a good neurological forum, called the PN (peripheral neuropathy) forum, at http://www.braintalk.org  because one of the people there is an expert at Celiac Disease, and knows a lot about the NEUROLOGICAL effects that CD can have on people. She and others have good ideas about supplements and diet improvement relating to CD, etc.

Good luck to you.

Sincerely, Concerned lady


I too have Celiac.  There is a great website where you can get a ton of information!!!  I have learned so much there.  I have it as one of my favorites so I am not sure the exact address.  I think it is www.mydelphi.com.  It was the delphi forums.  There is a woman who is the host.  Her name is Abigail Neuman.  If you go to google.com and type in her name you will get her website and all the links you will need.  The people are VERY helpful.
Good luck with your diet!!
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