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pre- cancer cells
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pre- cancer cells

  I'm  40 yrs old and have had reflux for the last 5 yrs and have been taking
  Prilosec for 3 of those yrs. I went for a endoscopy 3 months ago
  and they found out I had Barrett's Esophagus with pre-cancer cells
  at that point. My doctor said I Should under go have my whole esophagus
  removed, and this scares me. So I went for a second opinion This Doctor
  said there are other steps before that like laser, frezing these cells
  or just a higher dose of Prilosec (80 mg aday) and just keep scoping me every
  3 months. Is 8omg to much and is 3 yrs to long to be on this med.
  Are there any new options for me
Dear Karl,
The next step in your care depends on the degree of premalignant change.  If you have low grade dysplasia, then higher doses of Prilosec or laser therapy is worth a try.  If you have high grade dysplasia, you may want to consider surgery.  Some surgeos are reporting an operation that removes the mucosa (inner lining) of the esophagus without removing the whole organ.  you may want to ask your physician about this option, if your dysplasia is moderate or high grade.
Prilosec 80 mg/d is a high dose but should not represent a problem in the short term.  There is no danger being on prilosec for three years.
This information is provided for educational purposes only.  Always consult with your personal physician for specific medical questions.
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