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sludge in the bile duct

    I recently had a ercp because of upper right quadrant discomfort and an elevated ggt.At that time sludge was seen and I had a papillotomy and my bile duct was stretched with a balloon. I had previously had blood tests to rule out pbc, hepatitis ,etc. 2 weeks after the procedure my ggt came down from about 340 to 290. Do ggt's usually come down gradually or all once?I am not going to be retested for another 2 months.
Dear Jean,
If you had a bile duct problem as the cause for the increased GGT, then the GGT should have returned to normal over several days.  If you rvalues remain elevated, then other causes should be considered.  A liver biopsy may be needed to exclude intrahepatic causes for the abnormal liver test.
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