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suddenly big tummy/ no weight gain?
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suddenly big tummy/ no weight gain?

i dont understand why all of a sudden my tummy got big.  just last month i was shopping for size 4 pants, now i fit right back into my old size 8s! its really not about the pants size--its the suddenness of it, so drastic, over a period of one month.  i still weigh about the same, between 127-131. i would think if my tummy got big, i would gain?  the last time i felt normal was feb. 26. then around the 1st wk of march, i noticed my stomach was fuller/rounder/flabbier than usual.  i thought it was just becos i missed some sessions at the gym, like 3-4x, when i usually go 2x/wk.  but then i had my pap smear done mar 15, and the doc found a cervical polyp- removed mar 22.  ca 125 and pap smear and pelvic ultrasound came back normal.  this coming april 8, m having abdomnal (abdominal) ultrasound because i have spasms in the abdomen area and lots of gas/burping.  this also started around same time as tummy trouble.  doc thinks its gallstones. also ordered lipid test and CMP. no results for those yet.  when i go see doc on april 8, what other tests/possibilites shuld we look into/consider, just so everything is covered?  what shuld i be aware of like signs/symptoms if something is growing inside me?  definitely not pregnant.  not on any pills or drugs or medications. dont smoke, going to the gym since last year.  could this just be the kind of food i had been eating for the past month--white/brown rice, scrambled eggs, bacon, OJ, fish, sauteed veggies? or because i missed some session at the gym? but why big tummy (just tummy) all of a sudden, in one month?  please help, really really scared. thank you.
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I agree with the abdominal ultrasound.  I would also consider a CT scan for further imaging.  

Ovarian cancer can be a cause of sudden abdominal distension, and this should be ruled out.

Otherwise, the ultrasound can make the determination whether fluid is present or not, and should be done first.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
If they find you have gallstones and recommend removing the gall bladder, ask what other options you have. I had my gallbladder removed 3 months ago and really wish I hadn't. I still get discomfort in the gall bladder area, and have read lots of reports from other people who say they still have problems after gall bladder removel (removal). I heard they can shatter the gallstones to remove them instead of removing the gall bladder. I would definately ask for all your options.
Good luck.

I am concerned about your bloated tummy and the Doctor has suggested you get it checked out, as it does sound like a possible build up of Ascites however I hope not.

If it is OC which of course I pray it isn't, please have a look at my website and read my wifes story.

All is not lost and treatments today are so effective compared to yesteryear.

I do hope all goes well for you, PLEASE let me know how you get on as it is now 17 days since your posting.

Peter Dobson
Ovarian Cancer Support Group
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