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the difference between just having pain in the pancreas and cancer of ...
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the difference between just having pain in the pancreas and cancer of it

I have been having some pain on my right side (Ialready had
gall bladder surgery twoyears ago) and pain on the left.
The pain on the left radiates to the back and also I have
lots of burping and indegestion  what do you think this is?
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Don't worry!

It sounds like either GERD or a stomach ulcer.
Visit your physician and see what they say.
I have the problem once in a while. You see I was diagnosed as having GERD. The pain was behind the lower ridge of the breastbone and radiated to my back. It sometimes hurts to the left or right of that sight.

Cancer of the Pancreas has a few more symtoms (symptoms) such as jaundice, pain in the stomach region, fatigue, weight loss, etc. I know this because my father in law has it and unfortunately things are not going well.

I'm sure it's nothing serious. We're all a bit of hypochondriacs here!

The left side of your abd holds the stomach which also feels like it's in the middle, your spleen and part of your pancreas. Your pancreas is located more to the left side of the upper abd. The right side of the upper abd contains more the liver and gallbladder. The anterior tip of the pancreas is also there. The right sided abd pain if you do not have your gallbladder anymore may be related to your liver.
You also cannot feel pain from your organs as they do not have any pain receptors on them. You do have what we call "referred pain" when your actual organ is in pain. The referred pain may be what you are feeling in your back.
Your symptoms do not sound like GERD or a stomach ulcer. The symptoms of GERD or a stomach ulcer although may include abd pain always includes some form of acid reflux. If you do not have acid reflux in any form (a burning sensation in your stomach that may extend into your chest or throat) than it is unlikely that the abd pain is related to that.
The excess gas may actually becoming from the stomach and would not becoming from the pancreas. The excess gas may be related to your diet also. Be aware that now that you do not have your gallbladder anymore it is more difficult for your body to digest fatty meals and thus produce the excess gas.
Pancreatic cancer is usually and unfortunately often times fatal. The mother of a friend of mine had it and lasted a year with treatments. It is a very serious cancer not to taken lightly.
To diagnose cancer a biopsy is usually the only way of definately diagnosing the cancer. Also Cat Scans are done.
Bottom line is that if the abd pain continues or if you develop other symptoms notify your doctor.
I have had three colonoscopy' and three of the "light swallowing" to check for Gerd etc.
Only found one ugly polup. Thank Goodness.
However, I continue to have a very sharp (and stays awhile pain in my upper left side of stomach.  I have severe acidity always in my mouth,(tongue and sides of inner cheeks) I do not have any reflux.

This pain is not caused by my heart (that was checked also).
If it had anything to do with my pancreas, would it not have shown up on all the viewing of my stomach?

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