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throat swelling

  For about three months, I've had this swelling in my throat.  The throat isn't sore, but when I swallow, I can feel inflamation just below the adam's apple.  I also feel the food or liquid I eat moving down to my stomach (as if the swelling exists all the way down; like swallowing a pill without water).  When I laugh or breath hard, I have a slight weeze.  I'm conscious of my breathing, because it is inhibited in the slightest way.  The doctor gave me antibiotics....nothing.  Throat culture....nothing.
  I get temporary relief from prolonged exersise, and eating (for about five minutes).  When I sit, I fell like I'm burping about every two minutes, but the burp only comes half way up.  I don't have much heartburn, but maybe stomach acid is somehow causing the irritation?  I've also tried drinking a lot of water, in case it was dehydration....nothing.
Dear Scott,
the symptoms that you describe could result from esophageal reflux or an esophageal motor abnormality i.e. impairment of normal coordinated esophageal contractions.  A trial of over-the-counter H2 receptor antagonists would be an initial step.  If your symptoms persist, then you need to see a doctor for other medications and possibly additional testing.
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Ask specific questions to your personal physician.
*keywords; esophageal reflux.

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