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uncontrollable coughing attacks
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uncontrollable coughing attacks

my husband is 42 and he gets uncontrollable coughing attacks where he loses his breath and will sometimes through up.  We went to a throat specialist who could not find anything, and we cannot pinpoint what exactly triggers the coughing attacks.

Sometimes they occur when we are eating, and sometime when he is doing nothing at all.  The coughs sound very deep and do actually hurt his chest on occassion from coughing so hard.

Any ideas of what this could be or where we should go next?
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I too have those uncontrollable coughing attacks and have been having them since September.  At first, my doctor thought I was allergic to something and put me on Zyrtec and Codine cough syrup.  It would go away for a few weeks then return with a vengance.  I've had chest xrays, CBC's and other blood test but all were negative.  My cough generates in my throat, like a lump or something.  Nighttime is especially awful.  My GP referred me at an ENT and it took me three weeks to get an appointment.  He took all of five minutes with me and diagnosed GERD.  Now he wants to schedule a stomach acid test.  I decided to see a gastro. physician instead.  I guess it will be another month before I see him!  The only thing that helps is cough syrup with codine but doctor's are reluctant to prescribe because it can be addictive.  If they had to live with this cough, they would care!!!  Hope your husband has better results.
Hi, I know exactly what you are going thru! I have had these coughing attacks for years. Last Yr. they decided it was a combination of allergies & smoking......well the more I read about Gerd the more I think that is what it is. I can start coughing anytime & it can bring the tears running down my face. Sometimes it feels like my food gets stuck in my throat(alot)! I can not eat anything hardly without coughing! I sometimes will get a tight feeling on both sides of my throat too. I can have a coughing fit anytime though nothing seems to have to bring it on. I have just been diagnosed with gerd so I will see if any of these meds. will help it.Good Luck!
Some GASTRIC REFLUX TIPS (without acid blockers):

GER=Gastro-Esophageal Reflux. (Gastro=stomach. Esophagus=food tube.)

LPR= Laryngeal-Pharyngeal Reflux. (Larynx=voice box, containing the 2 vocal cords. Pharynx=throat, above the larynx. The larynx is above the trachea/windpipe.)

Reflux=acidic or alkaline stomach material that backs up into the esophagus (food tube), causing any of these problems: VCD/Vocal Cord Dysfunction/Laryngospasm attacks, cough, voice problems, asthma, globus (feeling of lump in throat), constant need to clear throat, worsening of sinus condition, sore throat, pre-cancerous conditions of throat &/or esophagus, etc.

SOME GER/LPR CONTROL THINGS WE DO, that we learned from the excellent book: STOMACH AILMENTS AND DIGESTIVE DISTURBANCES, by Michael T. Murray, N.D. See page 9, References, in my website: http://cantbreathesuspectvcd.com   and, also see GER/LPR info on page 5, and on LINKS page.

PLEASE READ THIS GREAT BOOK. It may possibly be bought on-line, from Michael T. Murray
Coughing can be caused by MANY different things, and usually by a combination of several things.

Causes of coughing can include (at least):

--SINUS PROBLEMS, due to air pollution, infections, etc.
--LUNG PROBLEMS, such as infections like pneumonia, bronchitis, (caused by bacteria, viruses, mycoplasmas, etc.) asthma, lung damage, etc.
--AIR POLLUTION, due to irritants, toxic CHEMICAL fumes/gases, etc. (includes cigarette smoke), "toxic synthetic fragrances", NEW CARPET, NEW BUILDING MATERIALS, NEW MATTRESS, NEW UPHOLSTERY, PESTICIDES, CLEANSERS, scented products, etc.

I'm going to post some SINUS TIPS, and then some GASTRIC REFLUX TIPS, in the next message, in case they could be useful. Also, take a look at my website about VCD/Vocal Cord Dysfunction/Laryngo-spasm. It's at http://cantbreathesuspectvcd.com

Sincerely, Concerned lady
SOME  SINUS SURVIVAL THINGS WE DO, that we learned from the excellent book: SINUS SURVIVAL, by Dr. Robert Ivker, D.O.  See page 9, References, in my website: http://cantbreathesuspectvcd.com  


(1) NASAL IRRIGATIONS: THIS IS DONE WITHOUT ANY CHOKING, AND WITHOUT SNIFFING THE LIQUID UP THE NOSE! My husband does these once a day. I do them 2x a day. When I first did them, I needed to do them 4x/day. We try to avoid doing them within 1 hour of bedtime (or lying down), because some of the irrigation fluid drains out later on, and we prefer to be awake and not lying down (when possible), to gently blow the residual warm salt-water out of each nostril. Keep tissues (unscented) handy.

  (a) First, we each bought a NETI-POT an 8 ounce little ceramic teapot without a cover, from a health food store. Some people who do Yoga use neti-pots (hence the East-Indian sound of NETI-POT). This avoids potential latex allergy from rubber bulb syringes! Also, this is a gentle gravity method, with no dangerous high water pressure. And no electricity is needed!

  (b) We put about a half teaspoon (1/2 teaspoon) of plain (non-iodized) salt (sodium chloride, NaCl, avoiding additives) into the neti-pot. I like sea-salt (from health food store).

  ( c) We then add a little hot water and stir, to dissolve the salt. We use well water (no chlorine, no fluoride). Distilled water would be OK, but we do not drink distilled water, which can leach minerals (like calcium) out of the bones, contributing to osteoporosis.

  (d)  Then we add a little cold water, and stir, to make the salt water warm, not hot. (I experimented, until I found the most comfortable degree of warm temperature.)

  (e)  Then, we add warm water to fill the neti-pot, and stir.

  (f)  I lean over the bathroom sink and tilt my head slightly to the left, so my right nostril is a bit higher up than the left nostril.  I wear a bathrobe, because this can be a little messy (but it is worth it!!! The sinus relief is wonderful!!!, like lessening post nasal drip, lessening stuffed nose, lessening phlegm,  soothing and healing sore & dry throat, promotes sinus drainage, etc.).

If it seems that fluid is getting into one or both ears, try keeping the head less tilted (sideways), so that one nostril is just A TINY BIT higher than the other one. But still lean FORWARD over the sink, to prevent the fluid from going down the throat.

If it is hard on my back to lean forward, I put a folded towel on the edge of the sink, put my left fore-arm on towel, to support my back, and then I lean forward over the sink.

  (g)  I put the neti-pot spout against/into my right nostril, and gently, slowly, pour about 4 ounces (about half of the 8 oz. neti-pot) (it is a guestimate)  of the warm salt water into my right nostril. The fluid pours or drips out of
I had an uncontrollable dry cough some time ago.  I would cough so violently I would throw up.  It turned out to be coughing asthma.  When it returns I just use my inhaler (Albuterol) and it goes away.

Hope it helps.
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