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MACE in Aircraft
MACE or chemical spray should never, ever, be brought on board a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.

Again and again, I see this inviolate rule ignored by State and local police officers boarding Medivac or aircraft delivering emergency supplies.

These chemical units can discharge without warning. They will disable or incapacitate the pilot and endanger the aircraft.

The problem is the officers may be required to have this item in their possession in accordance with their regulations.

In the case of a helicopter, have them place the unit with holster on a skid support and duct-tape it on. It will remain OUTSIDE the aircraft. In the case of a C-172, tape it to the landing gear support or the beam extending out to the wing. This will not affect the flight performance of the aircraft.

In a larger cabin class aircraft, place all the units in an ammunition container (.7.62 NATO) with an elastomeric seal. Do not open the container until the aircraft has been secured.
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