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Storage for Disaster Supplies
Caregiver222's suggestions for storage is to confine yourself to rectangular plastic milk crates, eight-quart transparent (preferably) file storage containers with waterproof sealable tops, and one or two .50 cal surplus ammunition containers, each unit filled with no more than 35 pounds. The thirty-five to forty pound limit is extremely important. One person should be able to carry each unit. Think two milk crates and two eight-quart storage containers per person.

Cardboard containers will end up infested with mice or insects. And they will deteriorate. You used to have to swipe the milk crates, but they are now commericially available at many stores. Get the rectangular ones.

When empty the eight-quart file storage containers can be used to store water.

The milk-crates can be used as seats when eating outdoors.

The steel fire-resistant and waterproof ammunition box is for passport, cell phone, electronic gear such as two-way radios, and critical papers.

In an energency these can be removed from the house and placed in the trunk of a car easily.
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