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1 year old shih-tzu
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1 year old shih-tzu

hi, i have a one year old shih-tzu who refuses to be housebroken and im at a loss of what else to try. any help would be great.
in the mornings when i put her outside she is much more interested in watching birds, watching the other dogs, anything other then getting her business done.

As of a couple of days ago i decided enough is enough so i bring her out on leash, give her 15 minutes and then she goes back in her cage if she doesnt do anything. well 10 minutes after i brought her out, she peed in her cage. i cleaned it up and took her outside, nothing, 10 minutes after that, she poops in her cage.

in the past i've tied her to me in the house, she doesnt mind peeing right infront of me. even if we have people over and they bring their dogs and i pay attention to the dogs, she will without fault pee in the house somewhere we can all see her doing it.

other then this she's a very well rounded dog, super friendly, obedient, she gets tons of excersize daily. in the house if she's loose for 3 hours she'll pee probably twice, she doesn't even try to hold it. this behavior comes and goes in waves.
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What size is the crate that you put her in?  Perhaps it is too big, and that is why she pees in it.  Also, when you take her outside, do you take her to the same spot she has gone on before so she can smell it and know thats what your supposed to do there?
Have you tried giving her treats when she does go potty outside.I agree with what lindapalm said if the kennel is to big they will go potty in it.Some babies are just hard to pottytrain.If you are at home with her alot you could try taking her out every 15-30 mins and stay out with her till she does potty and as soon as she goes give her a treat and let her know what a good girl she is.Good luck and take care
How long is she enclosed in the cage for, and how large is this cage'?
It's easier to house train an adult dog compared with a puppy. It will respond better to commands. It will have a fully developed set muscles for bladder control. And it can go much longer before it has to eliminate.
Dogs don't like to toilet in an area where they eat and play. So if your dog has an accident, thoroughly clean and deodorize the location, then feed and play with him there.
If you use old newspaper to absorb the dogs urine, then insert a single soiled sheet of newspaper into the fresh stack of newspapers when you are cleaning up the potty. The odor from this will encourage the dog to use the potty again.
Best of Luck
i have house trained two shih with no problem,  male and now a little girl, i took them out every 15 mins when babies and always gave them a treat for going, mine is 2 now with no problems, but she still runs inside for her treat. try giving treats and being excited for her i clap my hands and tell her what a good girl and she gets really happy. they are very smart breed , it might just take a little time since shes 1, but they give so much love, hang in there it will get better for you i hope.

thanks to everyone for the great advice.
i'll just clarify a couple of things here. i shouldnt have said that she refuses to be housebroken. she is housebroken in the sense that she knows where she should and shouldn't go. i didn't have any problems with her from 4ish months t'ill she was about a year old. for me it's a behavioral issue because, like i said she will pee infront of me and company if i pay attention to someone else's dog.

her cage is small, i can't go much smaller because with her bowls in there she has enough room to basically turn around but not much more. when she pees it floods her cage and she doesnt seem to mind. she used to just spend the night in her cage and she comes to work with me for the 3 days a week i work. as of tuesday she basically gets her walks 3 times a day but other then that she's in her cage because now she just flat out won't do her stuff outside. today was better and she pooped for the first time since tuesday, it was the same size as my rotts'.

the other reason i think it's behavioral is because she'll start growling when she's in her cage. i'll ignore her, wait until she stops and then let her out 5 minutes later, wait for up to an hour and sometimes she's trembling because she has to be pee, i'll put her back in her cage and she'll pee. i really feel like she's giving me a big f you everytime. this all started when we lost one of our dogs and got a new one a couple of months later. i've made a pointe of giving her a ton of affection since the new dog and i'm not inexperiences with dogs, i currently have 2 rescued rotts, both with extremly strong characters and it's the 9 pound, purebred from a reputable breeder, had since she was 10 weeks old, dog giving me problems =/

i'll try with the treats, i HATE the idea of a dog working for treats rather then affection but i'll try anything. at the end of june i'm moving from a house into a tiny apartment and i'm desperate to solve this issue before then. it was almost impossible to find an apartment that would allow the 3 dogs so it's key for them to be well behaved.
thanks again

Can You afford to take her to obedience training'?
Put the food bowls in the cage and when shes done remove them! Your dog at 1 yr should be much better than my lil guy whos just 4 months but they told me at the potty training class to limit his food so thats why i do it like this! If she's refusing to obey you may have to do the same! I feed Lucky morning and night plus treats and extra water during the day if its too hot and i know hes needing it! I dont feed my dog in the crate all the time but in the mornings i take him to do his business then put him back so i can get ready to take my husband to work so i feed him in there and remove them b4 i leave by the time i come back hes ready to go outside again! He does the same thing with sniffing everything I let him sniff a bit but if he keeps up I take him to the spot i know he will go or i walk him up and down the driveway that works too he will come back to the grassy spot and then go!

The potty training class is good its just 15$ at Pet-Smart you might take her they offer really good advice there it helped me alot!
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