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6 year old labrador-retriever not eating only drinking
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6 year old labrador-retriever not eating only drinking

Hi all,

Would really appreciate if anyone can help my dog on this:

My dog is a 6 year old labrador-retriever, he hasn't been eating for over 1 week now, we are all very worried.

Took him to the vet and the vet (as we expect) doesn't sound very positive.

Blood test shows that he is anaemic, and white blood cells higher than usual. Liver and kidney aren't doing very well. Test results aren't showing any signs of virus or infection.

X-ray shows odd objects that may be tumor (or maybe even cancer) around the abdomen area, but can't be sure unless we go through ultrasound. I'm not even really sure if ultra sound can really tell what it is.

He only drinks water now and vomits from time to time. Vomit content is yellow and slimy.

Strangely he can still go for walks, very keen to go for walks when we take the other dogs out, although he walks very very slowly.

Since he's not eating I'm going to try adding some gatorade/powerade into his water bowl, dilute with some water just in case. Can I try vegetable juice, made from juicer, with apple and broccoli or some dog-safe food and mixi nto his water bowl?

Also.. just an FYI, we adopted our dog when he's 3. The previous owner was not one of those particularly nice owners, unfortunately. Always been left outside rain of shine, been out walks less than 10 times a year and bathed once a year :( Just locked in a small garden and only a cat as a friend. When we first got him he had very bad skin problems, and one bloated ear.

We finally managed to fix the ear and skin problem, hair is growing back, and all of a sudden he stopped eating.

He doesn't look like he is in pain or wanting to give up. Just lethargic all day. So I'm not considering the 'putting down' option unless he tells me to. I would really like to know how else I can help, or ease the pain.

Your advice is very much appreciated, thank you very much.
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I wish I could give you some informed suggestions and advice, but it sounds like an urgent diagnosis is needed from your vet - or from an alternative vet if your current one doesn't seem able to diagnose. Not eating for a week is of great concern, so yes, feed him whatever he will eat as he needs the energy and sustenance and nutritional value of some intake. My favourite advice for non-eating dogs, is to try Green Tripe, which you can usually get from good pet stores in tinned or frozen block form. It MUST be GREEN tripe, not the white version sold for humans. The frozen blocks just need cooking (I use a microwave, 10mins at 30 per cent power). It stinks like hell, but all dogs love it. If your dog won't eat this, it won't eat anything. Green Tripe is full of nutriants and minerals and will help retain your dog's body weight. Feed on its own or mixed into a little cooked white rice.

Hopefully, others on here may recognise your dog's symptoms. Keep coming back to see what they might suggest. The priority though, I think, is a) getting some food into your dog; and b) getting an accurate diagnosis so you know what, if anything, can be done to help him. Tony
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I am really sorry to hear of your dogs trouble. I think the only way forward is to go to a different Vet. It is very unusual for a Labrador not to eat and it surprises me the Vet has not suggested putting him on a drip to keep up his strength. Did he have the runs or vomit prior to going off his food?  I would get a second opinion as a matter of urgency.

Keep us informed

462827 tn?1333172552
Hello & welcome...First of all, thank you for adopting this wonderful creature....Bless you for that.....

When I read this, my first thought is a "Tick Borne Disease"...If you live in a tick prone area (Even if it's one tick), you need to have him tested, to at least rule it out! Did your Vet test him?

Next, I think I'd get a second opinion and quick.....Do you have a copy of his blood work? What other levels are off? Do you know? How bad were his Kidney & Liver Values?

Next, I agree with Tony.....I use canned Green Tripe! Tony buys fresh & cooks it.....In the US, you can find some canned version, at any pet store.....I just bought some from Petco this week....Solid Gold is the brand I purchased....It would be worth a shot!

Please come back with anything else you can think of.....I'm hoping others will have some suggestions.......Karla

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In addition to the green trip suggestion, you also need to get some more calories into this dog to build up his strength.  In some cases, if they don't eat for a prolonged period of time, they get weak, they get lethargic and then don't want to eat even though they need to, and a bad situation just continues to feed off of itself in a vicious circle.  Get a product called NutriCal.  Your vet's office should sell it, as will any well-stocked pet store.  Nutri-Cal is a VERY high calorie supplement that comes in a tube and it's used on pets that are either not eating their full rations or pets who have stopped eating completely.  It will help to give him some much needed strength so that he can deal with whatever it is he has.  Directions for feeding for the different weights will be on the tube.  Please keep us up to date on him.  

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