Bad habits
by dooby, Mar 16, 2008
Thank for your last answer which was food for thought.
My next question is really weird but I decided to ask anyway.  My dog keeps on developing new bad habits but have you ever heard of the habit of 'licking floors!' - I don't know what that's about but she frantically licks the floor as though it were an ice-cream! I'm worried about her stomach because of it.  I try to get her to stop and when I do she starts pulling out the fur on her paws and has already made some sores on them which I do not want them to get infected.  I wonder also if I could put iodine on her paws.  I have told the vet but didn't get much response about the 'floor licking'.
Thank you very much,
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by JaybayBlank, Mar 16, 2008
Please see my answer to your previous question about socialization.  It sounds like your dog is just bored to tears with life.  She needs to get out of the house and yard and on long walks with a leader.