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Cushings and Pancreatitis HELP, I'm going crazy
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Cushings and Pancreatitis HELP, I'm going crazy

My Airedale 11 years old. He was born with hip dysplacia and I kept it under contol with rimadyl and prednisone at alternate times. He now has multiple ailments, from pancreatitis, cushings, tumors, ear infections, eye tumors, partial blindness & panting heavily and choking. He has a hard time walking due to arthritis, hips & possible muscle loss. The Vet wanted to keep him for three days to treat the pancreatitus (pancreatitis). She also needs to sedate him for his ear infection, and shave his fur as it became matted. He has two large tumors under both arms that are benign. He was on Mepron, amoxicillin, and tramadol as well as pepsid. One Vet said with all the multiple problems, her advice was euthanasia. I told her he still eats, ravenously, drinks, but is up all night panting & sounds like choking. I almost rushed him to the ER Vet. If he's still eating and occasionally plays with my son (while lying down) is it time? People say they tell you, I love him so much and dont want him to endure any pain, but when I told her hes still eating she looked concerned, like maybe it isnt his time yet...He needs help getting up and walking as his hind quarters are immobile.
I have an appointment to have him put down on Friday the 20th, but wondering if I can save him. She also mentioned the Cushings meds might be hard on him, & she said she can't predict how much longer he'd live. The nights are the worse because he can't get comfortable and has to go out to pee. He's never done that in the house yet either. I can't get him groomed and he's matted but can't stand up. My sons 15 and a mess, I am as well, but if there's any hope, maybe it's premature? When he plays lying down, I don't feel it's time. The painkillers don't help. Please help us...
I trust this Vet as she isn't out to make money, but due to his age and other problems, she said in her opinion it might be best for him. I'm scared, and would advice. I don't want to prolong this, but if he can be saved, without too much pain, I don't want to lose him... I'm cracking up...

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I am so sorry to hear about your dog.
The decision to euthanize, is never an easy one.
You know your dog best, and you are the one that must decide.
We all wish our dogs could live longer. I can tell you that no matter when they leave us, it is ALWAYS too soon.
It sounds like you have given him wonderful medical care. I know you are wondering if there is anything else you can do, but that is something you really should discuss with your vet.
If you do not think it is time for your dog, and if you do not feel that your dog is suffering, then perhaps you could talk to your vet. Maybe there is another pain med you can try.
Your dog trusts you, and he knows how much you love him. He knows that you will make the best decision for him.
My heart goes out to you...I know how difficult this is.
Give him lots of hugs and kisses, and tell him he is the best dog in the world.
Give him a kiss from me...
You are both in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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I really have no advice to give you, I think its a decision you have to make on your own.  I would like to say I really feel for you, it is so hard to decide what to do, you love them so much.  Our dog also had Cushings, its a horrible disease.  Take each day as it comes, and enjoy what time you have left by spoiling him and giving him lots of love.  Try not to show him how upset you are, it will only make him feel worse.  Good Luck.
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