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Dog experiencing syncope
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Dog experiencing syncope

I have 12 y/o female maltese. About 1 month ago she fell over while walking across the living room. She lost control of her extremities and her breathing was shallow - like gasping for air. She would "awake" after 10-15 seconds and slowly get up and continue on her way. It happened two more times about once a week until we took her to a vet last week. The vet could feel an arrhythmia by listening to her heart and took an X-ray which showed an enlarged heart but no pulmonary edema. He prescribed her Vetmedin 1.25 mg (1 tablet morning, 0.5 tablet evening) and Enalapril 2.5 mg (0.5 tablet once a day). Since then the "syncopal episodes" have increased to almost daily (sometimes twice a day) and it sounds like she wheezing for air most of the time now except when sleeping. My questions are:
1.) Is there anything else that can be done? Do we have any other options, do I need a second opinion? Would an EKG or wearing a heart monitor have any benefits since we already know of her heart issues?
2.) Could the medications actually be making things worse or is getting worse just the natural progression of her health problems?
3.) Is it time to start thinking about putting her to sleep? I do not want her to suffer if there is nothing else that can be done with her age and heart issues.
Thank you very much
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Hello there....I'm really sorry to hear about your little girl's problems.....Usually an EKG is done to see what part of the heart is not working correctly....This is also usually done in house....Did they not offer you one?

Also, they can refer you to a Canine Cardiologist or at least give you a choice...In my experience though, the regular Vet does the imaging,  faxes the ECG/EKG to a Cardiologist, he reads it , then sends back the instructions to the regular Vet.....This is alot easier on patient & family.....

If she's getting worse, it sounds to me that the correct Meds. have not been chosen for her condition....Or maybe she hasn't been taking them long enough to make a difference. You need to call her Dr. and ask how long till the meds would show an improvement?

The wheezing is a concern to me even though you stated her lungs were tested as clear.....IMO, Lasix are always given to clear lung fluid in a canine w/ a heart condition....Especially, when the medications you listed, are given...

So, that leaves me with; Could she have been prescribed the wrong meds. for her particular condition since NO EKG was done or are the doses incorrect???? Or maybe all has been done.....I'm don't know....

What I DO know is I personally would NOT quit here....However, I do feel time is of the essence...Dogs can live many years with Heart Disease just like Humans....But, the Medicine has to be right!!! And she has to be able to BREATHE!!!!

Do you trust your Vet? Were they concerned with these issues? Do they have an EKG machine at their clinic? Something is not right here.....They should have pursued this farther, IMO....

Listen...I know the Finest Doctor In the State of OKlahoma.....He is in Tulsa....If your dog can be helped, this is the man to do it!!! Your gonna have to trust me on this.....I promise it's true.......

Luckily, One of my crew has an appointment with him tomorrow.....If you want my appointment, your girl can have it.....Your girl needs it worse than mine....I can go another day....

If you will contact me either here or a message or a note, I can give you his name.....He is in South Tulsa on 91st & Yale....ALso, I will give you my name, you call the clinic and tell them (Karla ********) says to let you have her appointment, we can make this happen...

You will not be sorry.....Once you get to this guy, you will never look back.....

If you want to schedule your own Appointment, call them and explain that you have a potential emergency and that you need a second opinion....At the latest, they will let you in by Wednesday.....He does not work on Thurs....You need to call tomorrow.....

Again, if anyone can save your dog, it's Dr. Carley.........I Love this man!!!!!     Please get in touch with me......Sincerely, Karla

P.S. An enlarged Heart does not have to mean Heart Disease......

Lung Diseases can cause an enlarged heart and can be treated with medication....As can Heartworm Disease...Have you had that tested?

If you decide to get a second opinion, go get copies of her xrays that were done...(They're yours, you paid for them)....Just say your taking her to a Specialist!!  Also get copies of any recent Bloodtest results if you have any.....
This will save you the money of not having to repeat any of this testing..........Karla
It's midnight now & I will be gone most of tomorrow.....That said, I'm afraid I will not be online till nightfall.....I don't want for you to wait on this information so I will go ahead and post it...The Clinic is as follows:

Hunters Glen Vet. Hospital, Inc.
Dr. George Carley, DVM, CVA
9150 S. Braden
Tulsa, OK

The initial visit is $90, includes very thorough checkup & lots of questions....Write down questions you want to ask him......Have them in your pocket to remember.....This appointment can last anywhere from 1hr. to 1 1/2 hrs. He does not get in a hurry...He also will be very honest with you.....At least you will know what your dealing with and not have to wonder or guess.....All appointments after that are $45, I believe....Again, take any test results you have with you...He will gladly read them and make suggestions.....Take her medications with you, too.  Trust me, this man is use to this!!!!!!

Good luck to you both....I'll be thinking about you and your girl...Please, come back and let us know how it's going or with any questions.....Take care,   Karla

Hello again....Would you please come back with any updates?   I sure have been thinking about your girl.......Thank you......Karla
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