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HELP evacuating Gulf and baby Beagle SIck
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HELP evacuating Gulf and baby Beagle SIck

Travelling nrth with three beagles
Star has been lethargic ALL day
yesterday she hung in the woods
with her siwster at a campground

they were chewing etc
Last meal was small oieces of steak
NOW - for almost 48 hours she is VERY QUIET
not herself, burled up tight sleeping all the time
loves when I hold her like a baby and love her
she kisses me
now she is curled up on a pillow
NOT messing around with her Mom and sister
suggestions - PLEASE!
We are on the road evacuating from the Gulf of Mexico
***** Google Ragland +EPA and you will understand
PLEASE HELP - we are outside of Knoxville, TN
THank you,
Lauren D. Ragland, Refugee
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I am so sorry you are in this awful situation.Cannot imagine the hell you are going through.

Look Just Google  ...  Natural remedies for sick dogs ...I am sure that there will be something there.It sounds like some thing she has eaten or drank, in the meantime just let her sleep and dont try to feed her but have clean water on hand even it you have to boil it.
I do hope you will be ok my thoughts are with you all.       sincerely Seeana.

  PS               Use the Net it is a wealth of information.            
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Hi, I understand how difficult this is. As if you don't have enough problems right now! Poor girl. But you can't treat her yourself without knowing what is wrong with her in the first place. She needs to see a vet.
What seanna just said prompted me to check online "Knoxville TN Veterinary surgeons"
There are two that I can see:
Callahan Drive Animal Hospital:  open Wednesday 7.30 am to 6 pm. 6800 Barger Pond Way Knoxville phone  865-938-0243

Blackford Veterinary Surgery: 1505 Bob Kirby Road, Knoxville - (865) 670-9185
I really hope she feels better soon. Do update us if you have time...?
Good luck with everything
1388999 tn?1370046414
Thanks Ginger .....outside of Knoxville could be in the middle of nowhere to me lol.
Also allowing for the fact that Ref might not have  much money.Either way I hope the outcome is good.
I feel so far away in Australia sometimes.
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