Help,Dragging of one rear leg
by mature momma, Aug 11, 2008
I have a female boxer 8yrs old. About a month ago she started dragging her right rear leg. We took her to our vet and he said he thought it was something neurological and we needed to see a specialist. So we have been taking her to a neurosurgeon. He feels it is one of 3 things: a tumor on her spine, a ruptured disc or degenerative myleopathy. He has suggested doing a mylogram with a CT scan to make a correct diagnosis. I am fearful of the test because there is a chance she could have a reaction to the dye used and I'm afraid of putting her to sleep because of her age. If we do the test and it is a tumor we can not do surgery due to the cost is between 15K and 18K and I would not put my dog thru chemo. If it is a ruptured disc the surgery will be about $2000.00 to $2500.00 which we can not afford either. The cost of the mylogram/CT scan is $1400.00. I want to do the test because if it rules out the tumor and the disc that means it is myleopathy which there is no cure for. He says even if we do the test and we do not do surgery or do not do the test at all he can treat with medication to keep her comfortable. This has me so upset. Has anyone had any dealing with a situation like this? If so PLEASE help me. I love my dog and this is breaking my heart.
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by JaybayBlank, Aug 11, 2008
What a rotten situation you're in.  Is your dog on any kind of medication now, and if so, is it helping?  Does the vet think his discomfort be treated medically without having surgical intervention?  I understand your hesitation on spending that much money on a test if all it's going to show is bad news or worse news.  If you can't find financing for testing and treatment like Care Credit, then you're left with treating the symptoms the best way you can.  If he ends up suffering from pain, then you'll have to resort to putting him down.  Veterinary medicine can perform some true miracles, but those miracles are expensive.  

You might try posting your situation to the vets here at Med Help and see if they can offer any alternatives - like cheaper testing for one thing.  It's a free forum - just click on the Ask a Vet link under Forums.  Best of luck to you both.
by mature momma, Aug 12, 2008
When we first went to the neurosurgeon he was hoping it was just a crack in one of the disc so we started her out on Deramaxx, Tramadol,a muscle relaxor and 3wks of rest. I took her to a daycare everyday to keep her away from my male who is a wild 4 yr old and to make sure she was kept quiet. She actually got alittle better but then when we started tappering back the meds she regressed. Leaving him thinking it was one of the other 2 conditions mentioned. She is now on Tramadol only (1 tablet 3 times aday). I have decided to do the mylogram/CT scan. I have to know what it is. Even if I don't do the surgery, I need to know exactly what we are treating if we go with just medication. Her doctor is to call me back today so I can ask him some further questions.
I have always done what ever is needed for my pets but this has happened at a terrible time. The last year we have spent an tremendous amount of money on doing IVF to try and have a baby. After 3 tries we were successful. Our money is just so tight right now. When I think about the length I went to to have a baby I feel terrible that I can't do anything needed for my dog. I pray for healing for her all the time.
Thanks for responding,
by JaybayBlank, Aug 12, 2008
Oh bless your heart!  I have been in your exact position with the fertility treatments (never worked - we remain childless) and then my horse got colic followed by my dog getting acute pancreatitis AND the other dog needing TPLO surgery.  That summer was an expensive one with the dogs in particular: $15,000 up in smoke.

I applaud you for going the extra mile to get a firm diagnosis for your dog.  You have no idea how unusual that is.  Most people either can't afford it or won't consider it because "after all, it's only a dog."    Again, if it turns out to be something that might be better treated with meds instead of surgery, there is nothing wrong with going that route.  You have to take the dog's age and temperament into any treatment considerations.  

I'm glad you have your fur-babies with you while you endure all the fertility mess.  Honestly, when I finally gave it up and had the hysterectomy my docs had recommended for years, I found a great deal of peace.  That battle was over for good or ill, but I would have totally lost my mind without my dogs and birds.  :-)