How much Glucosamine do I give my dog?
by ginger899Blank, Mar 31, 2009
Please does anyone know the dosage of Glucosamine Sulphate for dogs? How many milligrams per pound body weight?

Also, is it ok to give my dog the regular Glucosamine (which people take) as it is so much cheaper to buy that at the supermarket, than to get it from the vet, or to buy dog treats which contain it!

Thanks for any help or suggestions, anyone. Ginger.
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by peekawho, Mar 31, 2009
Ginger, I was looking for that exact info today.  Here's what I found:
by Red931, Mar 31, 2009
It is usually 500 mg. tablets. I have used the brands that you can buy in the health food stores but I do spend the extra money at the Vet because Bullies get very sore hips and will push them to the point where they can't move the next day if they get excited too much. So I give them Consequin DS.

Here are the recommended doses by weight:

10-24lbs - 1 tablet daily

25-49lbs - 2 tablets daily

50-100lbs. - 3 daily

Over 100lbs- 4 daily

I give mine 2 a day. The average weight is 55lbs.
by peekawho, Mar 31, 2009
This is a good article about glucosamine and chondroitin.  Often vitamin C is evidently added for canines, to enhance uptake.
by ginger899Blank, Mar 31, 2009
Thank you so much, both of you.
Peek, I looked at that site. It is excellent info. on all kinds of meds you can and can't give to your dogs/cats. Thanks.

I can give her a 500mg tablet then, as she is 28lbs. She had a broken back leg about 6 -7 years ago (before she came to live with me) and occasionally it 'twinges' her. Today it did that  -she was not as keen to chase the frisbee as she usually is!- and I gave her a homoeopathic remedy Rhus Tox, which seemed to work miracles. I had to run an errand at 2pm, and when I came back at 3.30 the leg didn't seem to be bothering her.
But after a broken bone like that, it is common to get arthritis, so I thought I'd start her on Glucosamine as a regular thing.
by ginger899Blank, Mar 31, 2009
.....By the way.........7 dog-treats (a week's supply) containing Glucosamine =£5.75
I bottle Glucosamine Sulphate tabs 500mg.(30) (a month's supply)  from supermarket =£1.45 !