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Ihave a female lab mix 12 years old, and a Shitzu 8 years old. We have had the lab since she was a puppy but we got the shitzu 5 years ago. The lab has decided just in the past moth that she does not like the shitzu at all. I mean it is really weird. If she is in a room and the Shitzu walks in she leaves the room.m she won't sleep i our room anymore because the shitzu is in there. She has always been very friendly and loves being arond people. but as soon as the shitzu show up she leaves the room. she won't even eat until the dog is gone. Of course she will still eat what ever the Shitzu leaves in her bowl. Maybe she is depressed. Anybody ever experience behavior like this before. And she isn't even a little bit mean to anyone or any other dog. She just leaves the room.

Thanks for any opinions

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Sounds to me like it's the Shitzu that is the problem. She is letting the other know who is boss. If your lab isn't even growling at the little one, or going after her, that is not dominate behavior. She is being submissive to the shitzu who is telling her in doggie talk, with their looks, smells, body language that she is in charge and YOU belong to her and back off.

Same thing was happening with my beagle and basset. Babalu, the beagle is 4, Otis, the basset is 2 1/2. After our older beagle passed, Otis took over and Babalu would do some of the things your lab is. And it was all caused by jealousy over me. Otis wanted to "claim" me as his own and let his brother know it.

I had to show him who was really boss and top dog, leader of the pack......ME.  he has been much better. Still jealous at times but hasn't snapped or growled at his brother in quite awhile. They lay together quite nicely, and play etc..
I firmly believe in Cesar Milan's books and TV show. It did wonders for me. Although I can't follow all his rules, I do give too much affection all the time, but I try my best and it has worked.

Also, at the age of your lab, I would have her checked for any health problems, a full senior dog check-up, with thyroid tests etc..  I have had dogs in the past who also started doing some of those things because they knew the other dog was not feeling well and they could take over. Turned out, my lab who was basically top dog in their pack ( I had 4 at the time) was diabetic and low thyroid. My pointer who wouldn't hurt a fly attacked him one day, they had grown up together for 10 yrs. Never a problem until then, we took the lab in to the vet because he had some bites and found the diabetes and thyroid.

let us know how they are doing and sending them hugs and smooches ; )
Take care, Teresa.
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