Muscle atrophy in hind legs
by Zekie, Jun 07, 2009
I read the question & answer regarding muscle atrophy in hind legs and the information on glucosamine and the omega fatty acids.  These supplements are already being administered.   Additionally, I walk my dog every morning.  Granted, the walks have slowed as he has aged and the distance traveled h as lessened, but he still does get excercise.  He reminds me that it's time to walk and appears to enjoy it.  Is there any physcial theraphy that I can  perform at home, such a leg motion - movement or stretching?  Don't know if this would even help.  If yes, can you describe motions/excercises to use and frequency/reps.  
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by ginger899Blank, Jun 07, 2009
It's great that he still enjoys his walks. If he was in real bad pain he would not want to go out walking, even slowly.

Obviously, the more those muscles are used, the more chance of them building up. But he sounds as if he is getting on in years, and has maybe slowed down generally? How old is he? And what is his general condition? If arthritis is causing weakness in his legs, maybe if you could alleviate the arthritis somewhat, he would be capable of more vigorous exercise?

I would certainly give him a Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement. I give my dog 500mg Glucosamine plus 200mg Chondroitin, and she weighs 28lbs. She had a broken legf years ago, and very occasionally got a twinge and a slight limp. Since starting the Glucosamine....within a few days!! she did not show any discomfort at all, and has not shown signs of twinges yet.

Apparently it works better alongside vitamin C. But giving your dog vitamin C supplements is not necessarily advisable, unless you asked the vet about the exact correct dosage. Instead I give her small pieces of apple (no seeds, no core as they are toxic)

Another could take him swimming every day, if you can find a suitable place to do this, and he would like it.  Swimming builds muscle and strength. Racehorses recovering from surgery are given swimming therapy. Maybe you could buy an inflatable childrens' pool, and fill it with water in your backyard?
by cyndi521, Jul 22, 2011
my jack russell was a perfectly fit healthy dog untill a year ago when i noticed she was struggleing to jump on bed ect.
I put this down to age (11). As the months went on this got worse and muscle wastage appeared! i took her to the vets where she was x rayed but vets couldnt find anything and dont know what is wrong with her. Shes been  going to hydro therapy for a year now and its not improved at all! shes very weak behind and holds one leg up but this isnt always the same leg, she changes. Do you have any idea what this could be??from looking at her move u cant really pin point where the problem is, stifel,spine,hock.
She doesnt seem to be in any pain and runs around as normal.
Please help.

by Misfits4MeBlank, Jul 22, 2011
Hi Cyndi & welcome...My first thought is Arthritis..Has your dog ever been prescribed any Prescription Anti-inflammatories from your Vet to treat the pain? Arthritis will show up on xrays...In an 11 yr. old, it's very common.....Would be worth a trial of meds. to see if they're helpful....

Next would be  Spinal Disease......Sometimes hard to detect on an xray. Need an MRI to see a Disk problem (IVDD). Intervertabral Disk Disease...Google it & see....

Because the weakness changes legs, Has a Tick Disease Panel been run? You might google Tick Borne Disease & see if the symptoms fit.....A blood panel should be run to rule this out if you have not already....

I hope you and your Vet can get to the bottom of this...Does your Therapist not have any ideas for you?  That's all I can think of....I hope others will drop in with more suggestions....Good luck and let us know what happens.......Karla