My German Shepherd won't eat but he will drink, whats wrong?
by TimmyFarrell, Dec 14, 2011
I have a 10 year old German Shepherd. A couple weeks ago we also had a pomeranian. They didn't get along very well but he dealt with him. We had the pomeranian for about 4 years when he suddenly got out of the house at night and never came back. He was very old and we think he left to die. This happened probably 2-3 weeks ago. Around 1-2 weeks ago my German Shepherd stop eating. He would go every now and then to eat some on his dry food. He soon left it there for a couple days. We started feeding him wet food but he would just pick at it but not even finish 1 little serving of it. Now he will not eat anything. We have tried going back to his old food, wet food, and human food. We've tried pepperoni, sausage, cheese, etc. He still drinks his water. He does NOT throw up or have diarrhea. He seemed to slow down a little like he has no energy. He has no desire for food or to go outside and play. He sits in his favorite spot on the coach next to my mother all day. He has a sad look on his face 24/7. His nose is wet and cold, his hair is the same nothing has really changed. HELP ME! We absolutely love this dog and do not want to think about him passing, we all tear up thinking about it. He had an enlarged prostate a couple years ago and it would cause dripping of blood, but he was given medication and it hasn't happened since. Does anyone have anything? Please help it would mean a lot to him and my family. Thank You.
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by marksme, Dec 14, 2011
Sorry about your dog that left, but hopefully he didn't leave to die. Your dog
may be suffering from something internal and needs to see a Vet. Is there
a reason you took him to help his prostrate, but not taken him to a Vet now?
by TimmyFarrell, Dec 14, 2011
We weren't thinking anything of it, but we are going to take him to a vet tomorrow morning.
by GhillyBlank, Dec 15, 2011
I'm glad you're taking him to the vet.  He probably misses his friend and is in mourning and is deeply depressed.  Dogs develop friendships the same way people do, and your Pomeranian was part of the "pack", so to speak, and your German Shepherd is feeling the loss.  It's good that you're going to let the vet look at him, because at his age, what starts off as grieving and depression can quickly turn into something serious if you don't get on it early enough.  I would say that you are acting quickly, so you are certainly doing your part to help him through this.  Pay extra attention to him, though, and if he checks out OK at the vet, you might even consider adopting another dog as a companion for him.  Studies have shown that when an animal is especially close to another animal in the household, when one of those animals dies, the bonding to a new companion goes much more smoothly if the new pet resembles the one that died.  This was found to be the case with both dogs and cats.  So providing he is basically healthy and simply suffering the loss of his friend, as long as everyone in the family is in agreement, a new companion for him just may be the answer.  Please let us know how it goes at the vet.

by tonyb286, Dec 15, 2011
So sorry about your Pom ... did you put posters up? Checked with police and animal shelters? If it was 2/3 weeks ago, there's still a chance he is somewhere, but you need to keep telephoning the shelters to see if he is there.

It's good you are going to your vet with your German Shepherd. Your vet needs to discount kidney problems, even though he is urinating. The symptoms could equally be depression, but they could also be something more serious. Please let us know what your vet says - and make sure he does blood checks. Good luck, hope everything is ok with him.
by marksme, Dec 15, 2011
Omg, I never thought about the possibility of Jack missing Joe cat? It was just a over a month after Joe died and then I lost Jack? I can't remember him being particular depressed during that time? He was doing his regular
coughing from allergies. When I read about his liver more after his sudden
death, I was shocked about what he was going through. It just completely
overwhelemed me with guilt. My Vet reassured me and so have many on
here there was nothing much I could had done for Jack. I hope maybe you
will find your Pom and your Shepherd checks out OK?

by TimmyFarrell, Dec 21, 2011
We were not ready for the news a vet would tell us. We brought him to the vet today because we knew it was time. He definitely had cancer and was going to die anyway. The vet and my family thought it would be best to put him down, it is the hardest thing i have ever gone through being a 15 year old boy and having him as long as i can remember. He was a great part of our family and there was something about him that was different from every other dog. He was great to be around, had the BEST personality, and was a very handsome german shepherd. He's gone now so the mourning has begun and will last after christmas and way into january. Thank you for caring and trying but it was his time... Rudy Giuliani Farrell II July 3, 2001 - December 21, 2011
by TwoBitsMom, Dec 22, 2011
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dogs.  I know how difficult it is to lose 2 dogs is such a short time. Although you may never know what happened to your Pom, perhaps Rudy has found him, and they are together again.  
Your Dogs were lucky to live their lives in the company of someone who loves them. Someone who is proud to call them family.
God Bless their Beautiful Spirits and Souls.
They are much loved.
I hope your Christmas will be blessed with many cherished memories.
by tonyb286, Dec 22, 2011
Like Connie, I was so saddened to read your message posted about Rudy. This must be even harder for you, given that you lost your Pom recently and of course now being so close to the holidays. Rudy was loved, and cared for, and given the best a dog could have. He is not suffering anymore. I know only too well how difficult the decision must have been, but you clearly did the right thing for Rudy. Please feel free to talk more about him and his life with you here - we are always here to listen and give support, if necessary. Big hugs, Tony