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My dog has a swollen chest and tummy
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My dog has a swollen chest and tummy

My dog Preda has a swollen chest and stomach area
She is getting old and is over weight we have tried all kinds
Of things for weight loss but nothing worked!
Yesterday my parents noticed that her stomach and chest
Area was swollen and it feels squishy like fluid
She eats a lamb and rice dog food because she has a
Sensitive stomach! She is still going to the bathroom
And I'm not sure about drinking of water.
My family is not in a very great financial spot right now
So we can't afford to take her to the vet! :'( it breaks my heart
Because she really is The best dog in The world!
Any suggestions???? Please help
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This could be anything from a large, harmless lipoma to cancerous liposarcoma or hemangiosarcoma.  You do need to have her checked out to see what is going on with the fluid.  It's difficult to say what this could be without the vet seeing her, so if she is in obvious discomfort you really do need to try to find a way to make it happen for her.  

As far as payment goes, there are several options.  There is something called Care Credit that is a credit limit that is made available to you immediately when you apply at the vet's office.  Sometimes, if you talk to the vet and explain your situation to them, they will agree to hold a post-dated check for a while or let you pay in installments.  If you have a good rapport with them and your dog has been a regular patient of theirs since puppyhood, often they will work with you in instances such as these.

You can also try calling any vet hospitals that are listed in your local telephone book and explaining the situation to them.  I would be willing to bet that one of them will be willing to work with you on this.  In the past, I have made phone calls for people who were trying to find a vet to help their pet and quite a few times I was able to get the vet to agree to treat the animal and allow the person to make payments.   Please let us know how things go for you and your dog.

Thank you very much.
I will talk with my parents about calling different vets and such.
She seems to be doin fine! Eating drinking still using the bathroom and being social. anyway I will update any changes or actions we take in taking care of out princess thanks again!!
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