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My dog has a tumor and i really need advice im devastated
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My dog has a tumor and i really need advice im devastated


I found a tumor last saturday on my dogs rectum, he is a 14yr old springer spaniel cross lab, it is the size of a walnut the vet decided not to do anything because of his age but did give him liquid parafin to help him go poops as he was constipated quite badly, he also has a huge tumor on his right shoulder and a huge swelling on his right back leg, he is still eating, drinking, wagging his tail etc... and doesnt seem to be in pain but this morning i felt his rectal tumor and it was red hot to touch and i was wondering if maybe it could possibly be an infection rather than a tumor or is it normal for a tumor to feel hot? I would be grateful for any advice as i am so worried i love him so much and im quite scared about whats going to happen now

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Hi there,

Not a vet but do work with horses and canines.
I can understand your vets decision somewhat but why no biopsies?
Were scans done to see if these lumps are in the well?
any xrays or scans done at all?
I ask, because perhaps the constipation could be caused by that or that the growth on the rectum may be painful upon evacuation.
The growths may be other things going on as well.
I would seek out other vets for opinions.
Some breeds such as labs are prone to fatty tumors/growths under the skin from all I have read and what the vets and breed experts say.
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Yes that thought did cross my mind too, and wonder if the vet is 'giving up too easily' because of your dog's age.
Cancerous tumors do have a blood supply, so would not be cool, I don't know. Very hot could signify some kind of infection, such as an abscess, but if that were the case, it would surely be painful(?) Lipomas, or fatty tumors are not usually red hot. I know, because my dog has a couple, and has had them for years, harmlessly.

I agree that it might be a good idea to get a second opinion. However it could be that whatever the cause of this, and the other tumors or swellings, your vet may know, for instance, that your dog would not respond well to anaesthetic to remove things. ? That may be the reason for his reluctance to do anything.
But without firm evidence of such risks (ie blood tests to determine your dog's general condition, and knowing how his vital organs are functioning) -or a biopsy of the lump, the vet's suggestion to do nothing at all does seem odd. It seems he is deciding what to do, or not do, without the full facts.
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Hi again,

Well guess what... that was my second opinion the first vet i went too was quite rude she basically told me she wouldnt dream of doing any tests on him as it wouldnt be fair as he is far to old and wouldnt make it through any ops so there would be no point and the second one said pretty much the same thing as the first one, she said because he is eating, drinking wagging his tail etc.... she said it would be best to leave him alone.

He has been poops now but not the way i thought it would happen with liquid parrafin, i thought he would be loose but its only made him go for a normal one but at least he is going now.

I think i should def get the vet to check his lump again just in case it is an abcess (abscess) thank you for your advice it has really helped me loads
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The vet has no right to be rude to you. You are trying to do the best for your dog.
Although I agree that sometimes (if an older dog has general health problems, or is frail in some way) surgery can be too the same time I do not agree with kind of 'giving up on a dog's treatment' because it is getting on in years. Depending on breed, and overall condition, a lot of older dogs do very well with many surgical interventions.

This couldn't be an anal gland abscess, could it? Or an anal gland which badly needs draining?
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Haidee, your last posting was on May 10th – Do you still have your dog? I have that and one other question for anyone to help me with please? When can I tell that the best for my dog is to help her die?
That is such a heavy burden to bear, but I don't want her to suffer

My dog MaggieSue is 15 yrs. I noticed she had blood in her urine, I am not hardly working now and the Vets office would not accept a partial payment,  but I made allowances (AT&T can wait!) and got her into see the vet right away. That was about 2 mos. ago.
They ran a test - I think it was the ultra scan, he said she had 2 in-operable tumors... and would I like him to put her down today?
I was devastated! My dog has been my very best friend and companion, we live alone and just the way it was sort of said all in the same breath - as if it were nothing. Well it is Nothing for them, they do it everyday, I will not bring her back there despite the fact that their office has been her vet since 1994. They helped her through when she was hit by a car, I should have known then, it's an Emergence Vet Hosp as well. The vet that Sunday night said, "Do you want us to try and save her"?  I am standing there with her bleeding in my arms, why else would I have come there?
Sorry, for all that but I am showing that in the Vet's mind it's probably just another day at the office.
I did ask for copies of her ultra scan, since I paid for them, and they were hesitant in giving them, I don't know why.? He sent us home with a small prescription of antibiotics to help with inflammation and some pain pills. Only enough pills for less than 2 wk. I cut all of them in half and only gave her the pain pills when she seemed to be in some pain (hard to tell) I used them at night to help her sleep too...
when the drugs ran out I was expected to bring her back to do the deed? Now I'm afraid to bring her back. I couldn't even drive home I was crying so bad. I am now just thinking back!
I have been preparing for the inevitable, I know that she is really old and she isn't a small dog... some Chow/Terrier/ _?_ RESCUE Mix. The best dog I have ever had.
Her appetite has been great, struggles a bit with pee and poop, just started this 2 days ago.
What should I do? What would you do? I'll appreciate any answers. Thank you. Char.
675347 tn?1365464245
First of all, she is not just a dog. She is your friend, companion, closest family member probably? and a beloved little Soul you have spent the best part of 15 years with.
This story of yours is almost identical to what happened to me about 10 years ago. I took my dog in for x-rays on a tumor on his prostate/bladder. Apart from a couple of intermittent symptoms (not too bad) he was full of life and energy, enjoying himself immensely. For the x-ray, he had to have anesthetic. The vet told me the tumor was inoperable, and said "Shall I wake him up?"
I think that is the usual thing for them to say. Even though it is SO insensitive and quite shocking. Some people simply do not want to either pay for, or suffer through, continuing treatments and worry, and would rather their dogs go immediately, having known nothing about it.So the vet has to give that option. But of course they should be a bit more sensitive about the way they say it.
In my case, I said to wake him up. I knew he was not finished, was not suffering at that point, neither myself nor my dog were quite ready for euthanasia.
I believe you have to be ready. Your whole mind, and heart has to be at that point where you KNOW you want to do that. Yet at the same time you do not want your dog to be in terrible pain, or to suffer. It's a very fine balancing-act. But in my experience, during the remainder of the time you have left with your dog, you become so tuned-in to that dog's needs, even more acutely than ever before, and  sense every change, every need, every sign your dog is giving you.
Those last few weeks, months, -days even -become very sacred and precious, and prepare you for the passing over of your friend.

It is perfectly OK to obtain another prescription for the medicine your dog needs. But be aware of the pain level. Many dogs are very stoical about pain. They will endure it to the last, so you will have to be careful. However, it is your choice and your right to get more medicine, especially if your dog is still enjoying life.
The signs when they come, will be unmistakeable. The dog may be suddenly unable to pee, she may just lay down and not want to walk at all, she may refuse food, she may shiver. At that point the pain has got bad. If medicines at that point don't help, then I think the time has come, and you will have to be brave, and give your dog freedom to go, and respect for her dignity.
At that point I think although it will be heart-wrenching, you will indeed be ready. You will make the right choice when the time is right.
God bless you, and your dog.
1048228 tn?1254109674
Hello and Thank you for the heart felt advise that you sent in Sept. 2009.
Today is Jan.2, 2010. MaggieSue is still alive and had been doing okay. I went out on the 30th and had a friend sit with her while I was out. She started screaming and crying wondering about the house while I was gone. She had also started crying when she was away from home (just before she had been diagnosed with having the 2 tumors) when I would leave her at my sons, whereas before I could leave her at their house without any problems. Now it she has just started crying when she is being left at home. It is breaking my heart! I am struggling with trying to make the Right decision... it is a question of life or death to the one soul that has stuck by my side through a divorce, living alone and has even accompanied me to work! MaggieSue and I are now in our 16TH year of full devotional love.
I called the vet on the 31ST to ask about having her put to sleep because she had slipped and  fell outside the night before and couldn't get up and the next morning I woke up to her crying... she was stuck under the dining table- couldn't find her way or couldn't get up? Today (so far) 9:AM we've had no accidents. But I do feel that it is time. I just wish that she could go on her own... I don't like taking the responsibility of life into my hands. I have sought feedback from my friends and family and everyone so far agrees that this should be done today and that MaggieSue is suffering.
I have always been a fairly strong person and have dealt with many family deaths in the past. I cannot seem to get a grip on this, this seems to be impossible for me.
Thank God that I have a son who lives less than 10 minutes away, he is home just waiting to hear from me when ever I feeel that the time is NOW. We were over at his house last night and he even made the comment on how well she seemed to be walking. She does walk with her head tilted to the left. I see that as a sign of being in pain. Her pain medication is Previcox 227mg I had the prescription renewed 12/28/09 $50.00 for 14 tablets. The meds were making her vomit. I can't afford to throw another $50.00 on another - and the fact that I have been unable to find work adds to my feelings of guilt and anxiety.
I had made up my mind to have this done today I cooked MaggieSue a Cornish Game Hen with brown rice last night - but this morning though I have cried, prayed and sought out help I still cannot seem to make the appointment.
If you or anyone can give me some sort of push in any direction - I definitely could sure use it!
God Bless and thank you again.
Char in Santa Rosa, CA
675347 tn?1365464245
The intense separation-anxiety makes sense to me. Taken apart from any pain she might be feeling, that could simply be because dogs are incredible at picking up from us any anxieties or sadness or worry we might be feeling. She also probably got an intense amount of affection (quite right too) around the time of her diagnosis, and since then. That's a few months, and she will have been getting all that extra love poured out from you during that time. So the separtion anxiety in itself is to be understood. A dog of any age or healthy or not would probably respond in a similar way. That in itself isn't necessarily a sign that the "time has come"

However....if you think she is feeling real and constant pain that is not controlled by the medication she is on, or the medication itself is causing her continual suffering she doesn't deserve, and there is no easier alternative, or if her basic enjoyment of life is so diminished, to the point that she is not really 'living' at all, and all her life is about is suffering.....then I would say yes, it IS time.

There is nothing wrong in keeping her alive all these months, while she had some quality of life, even though perhaps her prognosis isn't good. It's the quality of has that gone downhill? That's what really counts.

Look in her eyes. What do you see there? Great tiredness? Is her little Soul still smiling back at you? Or is there a deadness there? A flatness? Like part of her has already gone because she's tired? If you still see her shining back at you, (and I mean -look carefully, have courage) -if you see that, then maybe you can get through a little more time together. If not, then please do be brave. Please do let her have peace and dignity. Because if you don't see what you want to see there, then she needs your help. You are her Pack Leader, not only her friend and companion. You have always had to make the major decisions for her through her life. You have to make that final decision.
God bless you, and her.
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I am more or less in the same position with my dog Johnny. But I will not let him go. I never gave him his life and no matter what I will not take it away. He has to fight and he will fight.
675347 tn?1365464245
Hello you want to talk a little bit more about your Johnny? What problems does he have?
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Hey y'all    I'm also looking for some feedback   My 13 year old lab just diagnosed with cancerous anal sac tumor    I am crushed. He is my best friend.  I have him on herbs and oils and anti cancer diet-and he is more active than he has been in months.  today I noticedhis tumor is red hot.  Is this infection?  What else could it be?  Any thoughts are so greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn
Hey y'all    I'm also looking for some feedback   My 13 year old lab just diagnosed with cancerous anal sac tumor    I am crushed. He is my best friend.  I have him on herbs and oils and anti cancer diet-and he is more active than he has been in months.  today I noticedhis tumor is red hot.  Is this infection?  What else could it be?  Any thoughts are so greatly appreciated.
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This is an old post.  You might want to start a new one
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There is a holistic organic substance that has been shown in over 1300 studies to inhibit tumor growth, a supplement for pets called Fucopia has this substance and all of the scientific information on their website. It does no harm and can be of great help to pets suffering from tumors.
It also helps older dogs with arthritis, so it could help your 14 year old dog in many ways!
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Hi my dog has a Tumor in rectum he is 6 yrs old the vet said its right at the back so are unable to operate I am heartbroken and are not going to give up.He is fit and healthy,he is bullmastiff cross staff he is beautiful,I think the vet should give him a chance by operating but he is saying its pointless,Because its so close to the wall
10821430 tn?1439584483
I am so sorry to hear about your buddy's problems,there
are different types of tumors
as your vet has probley told
you,some nastier than others.
The prognosis for canine rectal cancer will vary greatly depending on the severity and
if it has spread or not as well
as the kind of cancer,if in fact your vet feels it is definate it's cancer?  Much also depends on the location and if surgery
is possible,chemo as well as
other proceedures can help
sometimes but this is a very
rough on a dog's system just
as it is on a human but first,
the tumor must be removed.
From what you said,it seems
the tumor is located in a very bad place for removal or it is
too great a risk to preform
this surgery as it may cause
horrific bleeding which would
be hard to control if not im-
possible and he feels that your dog may not survive this kind
of surgery? Did he mention
There is always the option for
your to go to another vet to
get a second opinion and I'd
suggest you do this as it may
give you peace of mind to know IF there are any other
options avaiable for your
ask the second vet about
the RISKS of surgery if the
second one says it is possible
and then what the next step
would be after surgery if it is
done? (don't just accept) that
proceedure is done.
I will say a prayer for you
and your boy that this has a
solution and he can be helped.
I wish only the best,please do
come back and let us (me)
know if he can get help.
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