My dog is throwing up worms
by fossilflower, Aug 20, 2007
Hi -
I had a Great Pyr wander up in my yard a few weeks ago. I took him to the vet and got his shots, heartworm test and meds, and put him on Frontline. Here is the thing- today, he has thrown up two times big piles of food with white nasty worms. I got paranoid because I have 2 other dogs already that I have had for years and years. I went ahead and ordered Calex dewormer from a website to hopefully kill these worms. I am going to treat all three animals. I simply cannot afford to go back to the vet again so soon. I thought heartworm meds killed many different kinds of worms, so this will make two dosages /pills they are going to get this month according to weight. Any advice???
Thanks so much~
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by Jezzy_Ricardo, Aug 20, 2007
If finances are a problem, you could try an over the counter product or take your pet to a vetrinarian at the humane society because they may treat the animal based on a sliding fee scale.

There are many parasites that can affect your dog. A dog should be dewormed at about 2 weeks of age because they can become infected with worms in their mother's womb. The best solution is to take your dog to the vet. Take a sample of the worms to the vet for identification.

This article is about parasitic worms in dogs. It may help you to know what kind of worms they are.

This information is copied from one of the articles on the website:
They are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms.

Most dogs have roundworms (Toxocara canis, cati or leonina) at some time in their life. This worm can be passed to puppies while they are in the uterus and while they are nursing. Eggs that are passed can develop into infective larvae that are capable of directly infecting another dog. The eggs may also infect an intermediate host, such as earthworms, mice, rats and moles and then when this creature is eaten by the dog develop into adult roundworms in the dog. Roundworms have a strange life cycle, migrating out of the intestine and into the lungs (and other organs) before returning to the intestines. Once infected, a dog may pass millions of worm eggs in the stool. The eggs can live for several months in the environment. They are sensitive to ultraviolet light, so pens which are exposed to direct sunlight do not support the life cycle of the worm as well as more protected pens. Roundworm eggs can be killed by using aqueous iodine solution (Clinics of North America, November 1987) but are not killed by chlorine bleach, although it is supposed to remove the sticky outer coating of the worm, making it easier to cleanse them from infected areas.
by fossilflower, Aug 20, 2007
Ok thanks very much, I appreciate you taking time to help me out.
Thanks again!!!!
by deb134, Nov 16, 2012
My puppy just throw up roundworms today is the first time he has done this my vet isn't open tomorrow I'll have to go to our southern states to get worming medicine what kind should I get he won't die will he .
by Margot49, Nov 17, 2012
It is pretty common for puppies to have round worms. Are you sure that's what they are? Do they look like spaghetti?  You can get OTC meds fir roundworms but I always got Panacur from my Vet.  You should take your puppy to the Vet and take a stool sample on also.  Worms have cycles so he may need to be treated more than once. I suggest you then get him on one of the monthly Heartworm meds that also take care of worms.  Do keep his bowls sanitized and feces picked up.  Also, keep your hands washed.  Years ago we used to use strongid T but you have to be careful dosing that and usually need to do it two or three times. How old is the puppy? Is your Vet open on Saturday?  I think you should probably consult your Vet fir the proper wormer and dosage to be on the safe side.