OTC medication to help dog sleep??
by hroark2112, Dec 31, 2007
My 11 year old Chow has a few issues (like most Chows!!).  If he's left alone inside, he gets separation anxiety and is destructive.  If I leave him out in the yard tonight and someone pops off some fireworks, he'll jump the fence and run away (he did it 2 nights ago, was gone all night).

Is there something over the counter that I can give him tonight to let him just sleep for a few hours, so he doesn't freak out?  He's a healthy dog, about 45 to 50 pounds, he just can't calm down sometimes.

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by JaybayBlank, Dec 31, 2007
You may still have time to call your vet, or an emergency vet clinic, for advice on this issue.  I haven't found anything OTC that will calm my dogs down where fireforks are concerned, other than a calm hand.  Most people condition their dogs to freak out with noises like fireworks or thunder.  How?  By giving them attention and trying to soothe them like we would with a human child.  The end result is an even more freaked out dog because he has learned he will get attention when he freaks.  Try to ignore the theatrics tonight, and say nothing.  Shaking and shivering is a normal, panic attack reaction the dog must go through to learn he really can deal with the noise.  A little pat here and there when the dog comes to you is fine, but no talking.