Pup with one testicle!
by lovably17, Nov 22, 2011
My 3 month old GSD pup has only dropped one testicle. It isn't heridetry, not this specific case, and he is suppose to be a show dog. Is there anything I can do to bring the other down? Help!
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by GhillyBlank, Nov 22, 2011
This is nothing to worry about at this age.  My puppy's testicles didn't desvend into the sac until he was almost six months old.  It can take up to about 9 months in some cases for them to both come down into the sac, and they may even come and go!  Then one day you'll check and they'll both be there right where they belong.   Try to have patience for another few months.

If your puppy gets to be 10 or 11 months and there is still no sign of the second testicle, I would make an appointment with the vet to see what's what.  Retained testicles are problematic for several reasons.  If you are planning to show and/or breed the dog, it cannot happen if he has a retained testicle.  Well, showing can't happen.  Breeding CAN happen, but it isn't advisable because he will pass along the gene for the retained testicle and that's one thing you don't want nor need in your bloodline.  The second (and far more serious) problem is that over time, the retained testicle will wither and become non-functioning in terms of producing sperm, but it can also become cancerous, so if there IS a testicle retained you want to make sure your vet stays on top of the situation and removes it as soon as he figures out it has been up there long enough to be sure it's not coming down, but not long enough to cause a health problem.

The surgery is much more involved than a normal neuter, and it is helpful to do an ultrasound to see exactly where the retained testicle is so that it cuts down on the amount of searching that has to be done once the vet cuts into the abdominal cavity.  The recuperation period is more along the lines of a spay than that of a neuter since abdominal surgery is performed, so you'll have to keep him quiet for a while afterward.

by marksme, Nov 22, 2011
I would always take the dog to a Vet and get expert advice, instead of trying to find out on an internet site. A good Vet is always your best bet for your dogs health and well being.
by GhillyBlank, Nov 22, 2011
In cases of a veterinary emergency I wholeheartedly agree with you, marksme.  However an undescended testicle in a three month old puppy is most definitely not a veterinary emergency, therefore I don't think that lovably17 was negligent or remiss at all by posting their question here to get opinions on what people may think.  There ARE, however, many who DO post here who, instead of sitting at a computer typing that their dog hasn't eaten in a week, what do we think could be wrong with it, SHOULD be at the vet (or should have been at the vet four days prior!) instead of sitting at the computer asking questions of a group of non-veterinary people.  Those are the ones that I just don't understand!

by Margot49, Nov 23, 2011
Completely agree with Ghilly on this one.  I wouldn't worry at this age either.  Check and see if it may be descending and then going back up.  Best time to check is after they have been up for a while.  
by lovably17, Nov 23, 2011
THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have put my mind at ease. I did take him to the vet and there is nothing to be worried about health wise at this time. Thank you again =)
by GhillyBlank, Nov 23, 2011
I'm glad I was able to put your mind at ease.  If that's your little one's picture on your avatar you've got a real cutie on your hands!  I'd love to see a pic of him when he's grown.  I'll guess he's probably going to be quite impressive as a big boy!  :D

by lovably17, Nov 24, 2011
Hi, no my profile pic wasn't of my boy but I have just changed to a pic of him. He is very adorable, going to be a handsome boy! Thanks again
by GhillyBlank, Nov 24, 2011
Oh yeah!  He IS definitely a cutie!  LOL!   I'd love to see another pic when he's grown, he's going to be gorgeous!

by Notavet, Jul 30, 2012
stfu dude. Im so sick of idiots telling people GO TO THE VET. I have been to the VET about 5 times. On 4 occasions I was told the following.  "Yeah you are doing all you can, keep doin what you're doin. That'll be $85.
"Ummm in Neonates it is really up to them and the momma. Nothing we can do but monitor. That will be $70."  "Twitching is normal in newborn puppies. It is perfectly normal. Even when you think distress they ae breathing and moving normal as they are growing.  $65 please"

This is just the visits. More when I needed reg. ointment etc.
U are either a unhelpful douche or a vet.