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Does anyone know anything about a stye in a canine? how serious is this?? I need to know ASAP ?? All the vets are closed now over the Holiday weekend> What can I do??
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Hi, and welcome to the forum.  :-)  I honestly have no idea what you can do for a stye.  That's a new one on me.  How big is it, and exactly where is it located on the lid?  I'm sure it's driving your poor dog to distraction since they can really hurt. In humans, they usually don't hang around for more than a few days and are nothing more than an irritation.  Are you positive it's a stye or could he have gotten a bug bite or a splinter of something in the eyelid?  Did the condition just appear today or has he had eye issues in the past?  I agree he should see a vet, but unless your dog is in a great deal of discomfort it can probably wait until tomorrow.

Call your regular vet's office.  Most clinics have an outgoing recording telling you who to call in an emergency.
TY for your help. She seems to be coping better today. I irrigated it with sterile saline, and that seemed to make it more tolerable for her. It seems rather tiny, and the redness as of this morning has gotten better. She was at the groomers this past Tuesday, maybe her eye got something in it there, or on her walks. I'll see how she is tomorrow morning and if not better I will take her into the vet. Even tonight she seems to have a tiny bit of tearing but she also has bad allergies...I have been watching her all weekend.
It just appeared the day I posted it, she woke with it. She is only 10#, and being she is low to the ground, hard to say if I have the exact day, even though I do watch her carefully. She is always with me as much as possible.
No she has never had any other problems with her eyes, except her allergies.

Again, Thank you for your response and help.
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