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Swollen lymphs all over, dog throws up water
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Swollen lymphs all over, dog throws up water

I need some help from anyone. My 3 yr old dog has had swollen lymph nodes around her throat, collarbone, and hind legs for over 2 months straight.
We have been to the vet 3 times.
1st visit: not eating. given a shot w/ antibiotics + steroids. Given cephalexin for 2 wk Rx
-stopped eating after 6 days, took her back
2nd visit: given same shot, dif antibiotics and steroids to take home. Stopped eating after 8 days. swelling getting bigger. Took her back
3rd visit: had an abcess (abscess) near throat, drained and did biopsy. Showed no cancer. Vet said probably infection. Given harsher antibiotic.
At home she had good and bad days, sometimes ate twice a day, sometimes none. Swelling went down on the last antibiotic, but when they were gone, swelling came back.
Have weaned her off steroids.
Its now weeks after any medication and she had quit eating, we changed her food, tried soft food, chicken and rice baby food and she wont eat anything. She wants to drink but cant hold anything down. Im trying to give her pepto but she keeps throwing up.
I dont know what to do. I owe my vet a good chunk of change that i dont have, and i dont want my dog to suffer anymore. If i could just get her to keep something down...
Shes had sensitive stomach all her life, usually throws up after drinking a lot of water fast. Dont know if that matters but...
Anything may help
Please someone respond
Out on a limb
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Hi I do not have a clue so went to google and typed  dog, swollen lymph's glands and vomiting ............ heaps of advice came up ! from those that know.

One of them was called www.pethealthandcare.And a few interesting theories came up.
so try that and other sites.
One thing though not let her drink too fast as that will make her sick very quickly, let her have a few laps and take water away for a min then bring back  and forth untill she has had her fill .
I do wish you all the best hon please let us know how you go.I really feel for you.
I am not really sure about the condition, but I know one way to keep them from drinking too fast is by putting ice cubes in their water.

Are you noticing anything strange with her feces? Any blood or extremely foul odor? I know with Parvovirus, it attacks the lymphatic and digestive systems... the antibiotics may be only slightly effective because they may be helping a secondary infection, but they typically don't help the virus itself. I am not saying your dog has this, but you did not mention if the vet tested for it. If not, you should definitely have her tested for Parvo... unfortunately, if it is advanced there is not a whole lot that can be done about it. The treatment for advanced Parvo can be very expensive, and usually the animal does not recover fully, if at all.

I am not an expert, so please worry yourself too much about this until you get a vet's opinion (which should be as soon as possible). I am just throwing it out there because a lot of my friends have lost their pets to this virus, and 1) it can be somewhat treatable if it's dealt with early enough, or 2) if it's advanced, you may need to save her the pain.

Sorry you're going through this. :(  I hope she gets well, soon!!
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