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THANK YOU ~ Misfits4Me

THANK YOU I don't know how I missed this before in the posts but found this AWSOME dog food because of
what you'd said and just wanted to thank you,this is pretty amazing and all my fur kids love it,we're using the Revel
bought it through Amazon...ALL of them love it!

I am hoping this will work for my 'lil guy Mr Benson,3.5 pound wonder who has problems with protein leakage
in his intestines so can't have high protein or fat( this is not high for either) he was supposed to be on a "white"
diet but when he refused to eat this my vet said to feed him what he would eat( checking protein and fat levels)
because he was loosing a lot of weight on the "not flavor,no taste" diet...and he LOVES this food,no hesitation
at all!
I also sent this to you in a private post but not sure if I got it right as not used to using that kind of forward??

Have an really great day and thanks again...   Jan  ;)
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How nice of you to come back with updates as it helps all of us.  I am sure it is appreciated by Misfits
Hi Jan...
Well THANK YOU, too & your welcome!!! Yes, I do appreciate it!! I did get your PM & I'm going to respond to it in a bit...Haven't had a chance just yet!!!

So glad it helped you out!!  :)   Karla
I also have an amazing vet,went to him when he had just finished vet school and was interning with my other vet,that was eons ago as he's
had his own practice now for 23 years and I've gone to him all that time.
He "doesn't talk over you" it's like you're having a conversation with a
old trusted friend and he uses common sense,new and old vet practice
for treatments.
So Mr Benson,he checked him by feeling his tummy,did an X-ray and a
ultrasound,he did not biopsy as Mr B gets very stressed and in his
condition right then he did not want to use an anesthetic(sp?)on him.
He said he has LYMPHANGIETASIA "intestinal lymphatic dysfunction
that leads to leakage of protein-rich lymph into the intestine." "This leads
to obstruction to impared intestinal lymph drainage,dilated lecteals re-
lease chyle into the intestinal lumen by rupture or extravasation as the
chyle is retained withinin the dialated lacteals of the intestinal walls."
I had not heard of this so went online ( he laughed and said he knew I would go read up on this) it is one of the most common causes of PLE
in dogs.
I thought I would answer you here on the forum in case this might help
someone else.
It can be heriditary in Yorkies( one of the breeds) but I have had all of my
Yorkies as his clients and tested for everything Yorkies related prior to
breeding them,I still have his mom who is 15-1/2 years,his brother from
the same litter and 2 cousins none of which have this(PLE) so it goes to
( he feels) the fact that Mr B also has right-side congestive heart failure
and an enlarged heart.(none of his other family have heart problems
either,not even his "older mom" at her age so Mr Benson has what he
called "secondary lymphagiectasia"
Mr B was taken in because of diarrhea for 3 days but I was not real
worried as I'd had 6 dogs with "doggie flu"for 2 days,which they all got
over really quick..when he didn't he went in as he is a tiny squirt and
can't loose too much through diarrhea that was when he felt the distention
in his tummy.
One of the symptoms is coughing although he does not do this at all even
with his heart problems( only coughs after he drinks water a little bit) but
this was not a problem as he had a larger trach tube put in when he
went into respitory arrest( was in the clinic for infection in his lungs,on
oxygen and inhaler to push antibiotics,Dean said he would do good if
he saw me as he was very depressed,never been locked in a cage, so
I went back,oened the cage,he leaped into my arms full of lickies all over
me and went into arrest he got so excited but couldn't breath right and it
was a fight to save him...I thought we would loose him, yes I was there
for the whole thing...and a much larger tube had to be used to get oxygen
in his throat down to his lungs so minor coughing when he drinks is no biggie it seems) That was back in October 2014 and now his coughing when he drinks is even less than at first.
I need to feed the fur kids...sorry to leave you hanging but I will be back
in a few...with blood testing and medication he is on...Jan
Mr Benson was on Flagyl(sp?) but it made him really sick and he flat
refused to eat so Dr Dean took him off it,Dean said the important thing for
inflamation (inflammation) reduction was the Prednisolone( he knows I HATE steroids)
but told me he had to have this for the inflamation (inflammation) in his intestine,he was
on 5 mg 2 times a day for 7 days,then reduced to 5mg once a day for 7
days,now down to 2.5mg. once a day and is maintaining on that. Dean
said he "hopes to wean him off the Pred over a month and just use it if
he has a flare up...but he may need a low dose forever for control will
not know until we go off altogether?
Dean gave me a menu sheet for a "white food diet" and he flat refused
to eat that so was loosing weight( he was having a weekly check for a month to keep track on progress.Dean said to feed him any kind of food
he will eat but keep the protein and fat levels as low as possible,as he
can't keep loosing the weight.
His BUN was high on the first workup and I asked about that as I was
worried about his kidneys,Dean said testing has shown a Yorkie overall
can have a higher BUN ( I could not later find this anywhere and even
Tony asked me about this) and it could be higher due to the PLE as he
was really sick BUT on the second test 2 weeks later it had come down
His Amylase was real high( first test) @ 2500,Magnesium was 2.4,his
protein was low, 5.6 -Globulin 3.1- Albumin 2.5 - Cl was 109-LYM 1.37
EOS-1.1-BAS 0.01-LYM 10.2- everything else in the normal range on his blood test.
Two weeks later found him in the clinc for Pneumonia(sp?) a lot of fluids
Dean gone on vacation so Dr Bird (older vet) saw hime and ran another
blood pannel ( Dean used a different pannel read out which I can read
but the one she used I can't read) she did say his white count was off the
charts (lung infection) but all his other reading we back in the normal
range again...except his BUN which was down but I felt still high so I
asked her. I said I had tried to read up on the higher BUN for Yorkies
but unable to find anything,she said testing has been done with a lot of
the terrier breeds including Yorkies and testing showed they seemd to
have a higher than usual reading but averages were showing this was a
normal occurance for them as a breed. I would not be able to find any-
thing on the internet as these are all verterinarian and lab testings so
not availabe to the public,vet access only at this time she also felt it was
not a kidney issue for a problem but rather"normal"readings for a Yorkie.
Ok not that I doubt them but I have a friend who is a vet in another town
so called and gave him the information,readings,said what was going on
with Mr B and he also told me the same thing with "higher readings seem
to be the norm on Yorkies over all as a breed" so that's 3 vets who have
said this..I feel a bit better,I just like as much information as I can get is
Mr B is also on 1/8 tablet of Vetmedin twice a day-1.25mg he was on a
higher dose but it made him a zombie and he could not function,stared in
space over his water bowl,walked like a drunk,very unsteady,did not eat,
even his eyes looked glazed over and lost,he'd go to walk and fall over,
talk to him and he did not respond so the does was cut,divided over 2 times a day and he is fine with it now. The "normal dose by prescription
amounts per the drug company was NOT normal for him that's was when
Dean kept trying a lower dose.
He is not on any diuretics as he has always gone just fine ( more now on
the steroids) I realize the meds are not good for his heart( steroids) but
Dean said he needed that or we would not control the inflamation (inflammation) for the
PLE so we just take one day at a time,I am hoping he can come off of the
steroids,he has been on them for a month now reducing them a bit at a time this past week.
So far he is not retaining fluids,no fluids around his heart,lungs are ok
again and so far no protein is leaking so I call it good...I forgot, he also
has a heart murmur but very low and that has not gotten louder or got
worse either, so many things to think of sorry about forgetting that part.
He has days when he doesn't want to eat so using a tiny tapered spoon
I feed him Gerber chix baby food every 4 hours,low in fat and protein,I
also give him low fat yogurt( all of them get this in their night feeding) he
also has a "special treat" his "dad" has ice cream every night so they all
get a teaspoon (divided in 4 tiny feedings,a tiny bit on the spoon) each
night at 8:00 (Dr Dean said it was ok)his mom is so spoiled she sits and
whines from 7:50 until 8:00 to get her dad up and moving,getting louder
and louder until he gets up to get the "cream-cream" for everyone,'lil
I hope this information help you Karla and anyone else who is going through this, 'lil Cindy Lou is so blessed to have you come into her life
yes, she is a little angel so the blessings go both ways! She almost looks
like a Yorkie/Maltese mix,I had a "woops" one time my Maltese got tied
with my Yorkie and I had one who looked ver much like Cindy Lou but
did not have the dark on her ears. My Maltese stud did not breed Sydney
and she was spotting heavy so I thought she was going out too far,low
and behold my Yorkie stud did not think so he jumped right on that babe
and one tie brought 'Phoebe" into my life...I kept her as I did not cross
breed my dogs,she was the first and only "woops" I watched Elliott like
a hawk after that,she too weighed 4 pounds,all cream with little upright
Yorkie ears...but Phoebe's coat looked like your Cindy Lou's texture..
who knows, just a thought as she reminded me of Phoebe looking at

My goodness, Thank You Jan.....My Honest Kitchen order arrived today! Has been detained due to all the floods in our area....It's finally here....I think Cindy is a Maltese/Yorkie, also.....

She was found abandoned in a cemetery, living on her own...A gentleman grabbed her when she was trying to cross a major highway in the area....He must have made her live in just his bathroom for awhile, then gave away to another woman....

This woman called our Rescue & said she was going to have to euthanize Cindy at the pound, if we would not take her....Unfortunately, we get these kind of threats daily!!! Pisses me off & gets really, really old....

When we took her in, we thought she was a porcupine...That's what she looked like.....I was her foster momma.....She was only about 3 years old at the time and very ill w/tick disease....

Because of her ongoing illnesses, my husband & I adopted her 2 years ago....I was afraid if I adopted her out, she would be less likely to get the medical attention she needed! I couldn't worry about her forever & not know...SO, we again, flunked fostering 101 and added her to our group....

She keeps us on our toes, trust me....She ate a whole baby rabbit a few weeks ago....It wasn't tiny, either....Devoured it!!! I figured she would suffer one way or other because of it, but she is no worse for wear.....Unfortunately, she killed 3 rabbits on 3 different days.....the first one I took away from her, the 2nd one, she ate the whole thing, the 3rd. one, I managed to get a few of the internal organs away from her, but everything else was gone!! She weighs in at 7 lbs. & is quite the character....

We have a new foster dog named Pip Squeak....He's also a terrier mix & they feed off of each other!! :)

Thank you so much for your detailed information....I didn't expect you to take that much time, but I do appreciate it very much.....Keep in touch, please....I'm heading outside to enjoy some sunshine.....We haven't seen any in about 21 days...It's rained & flooded in Oklahoma for many weeks now...I'm heading out to dig in the flowerbeds or mudholes, to be exact!! Bless you for everything.....Karla
P.S. How old is Mr. Benson???? Did I miss that???
ENJOY YOUR SUNSHINE! You really have had a lot of liquid moisture
out your way,Texas was terrible also,time to dry out a wee bit now!
I guess I did sort of write a manuscript now didn't I (HA!) i just wanted to be
sure to give you as much information as I could for you and if it would help others?
Mr Benson is 10 years young,it does not seem possible,he and his brother
Harley are out of the same litter,I always spay or neutered my puppies before they left for new homes SO I KNEW they were for loving and not used for breeding.( show potentail had to be held for 7 months to be sure
all the qualities were right for showing)
Both boys went to a very loving home with a amazing widow who lived
down in CA. they were her treasures she adored them,well she was killed
in an accident and no one in her family wanted them. I have a clause in
my contract when I was breeding for "a first right of refusal" so I got the
call,"did I want them back because no one wanted them,they would go
to the shelter."
NO THEY WILL NOT,I will be there in 7 hours DO NOT take them to the
shelter PLEASE,we drove through the night and brought them home,this
has been their "forever home" they lost their "mama" when they were both
two years old,been her for the past 8 years now,
HOLY CARP..she desided she wanted rabbit for dinner huh,crazy girl,they
do keep us guessing about what they will do next now don't they! LAUGHING HERE...
I know what you mean about some folks who just don't stop and think...or
have time to make a loving comittment to a little soul who needs help but
who would give such amazing rewards with a little bit of patients and love
from an owner.
Still the man who saved her from injury or death on the highway was a
bit of an angel,then the lady who at least called you and did not put her
down,now 'lil Cinday has her forever home and is safe,guess the other
2 played a small part in getting her to you so it turned out good in the end.
They can get into our hearts can't they,some sooner than others and in
the end we are a better person for it,thanks for all you do in rescue not
a lot of special people like you,it's a HARD thing to do at times,letting go
is harder I think even with a great home for them to go have a
very loving heart.
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