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This forum is for questions and support regarding your pet dogs!

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Welcome to the Dogs Community!  If you have one dog, a pack of dogs, puppy dogs, senior dogs, small dogs, large dogs, purebred dogs, cur dogs, or are thinking about bringing a dog into your life, this forum is the place for you.  

PROFESSIONAL VETERINARIANS DO NOT PARTICIPATE ON THIS FORUM.  Please check the Ask-A-Veterinarian forum ( ) here at Med Help if you need professional advice.  While we can help educate one another and exchange experiences, your most trusted resource should always be your own veterinarian.

There is no such thing as a stupid question.  All posts are welcome whether they are about veterinary care, diet, behavior, grief and loss, or a simple sharing of fun experiences with your dogs.  

If you have an emergency with your pet, please call your veterinarian first!  While many members can help you with basic first aid, nobody on the internet can help if your dog is in a life-threatening situation.  

Like other forums here at Med Help, members of the Dogs Community have the ability to write and post Health Page topics.  The Health Pages serve the same function as a “sticky note” post without cluttering up the forum itself.  For example, if you have specific knowledge of a particular medical condition or training technique, those would be great topics for a Health Page.  Just click the “Health Pages” link at the top right corner of the forum page to read what others have to offer and better yet, contribute your own page and share your knowledge.

Hang out and share a few dog biscuits with us.  Woof!

Your Dogs Community Leaders,

ginger899 and Jaybay

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675347 tn?1365464245
Thank you Jaybay.
People, please do remember too that while the members of this community are dedicated to help where and when they can, many of us have no veterinary training at all, and our assistance is based mainly on experience, and common-sense.
So we don't know everything! And will more than likely say the same thing in the end....PLEASE GO SEE YOUR VET...
1636858 tn?1307461994
My dog doesn't like just pellets.  I have tried many ways to make the food something she will enjoy that won't upset her stomach.   There are only 2 things I can do with her.

1. Give her boiled chicken and brown bread
2. or the pellets and brown bread with watered down milk.

The milk does not seem to harm her.  But could it harm her long term?

1655240 tn?1302042430
Milk is not good for dogs as it tends to cause diarhea (diarrhea).  Try rice with the chicken.  Anytime you want to try a new food just mix it half and half with what she is currently eating to prevent loose bowels and tummy upset.  It gives her system time to adjust.
Avatar f tn
I have been trying to find a cure for my dogs burping & loud stomach noises for about 2 yrs now. Even tho it's been this long I still don't like it. I am having trouble keeping my dogs weight on. Her weight is ok but putting on some extra weight would be ideal. She is 3yrs old.
Avatar n tn
Wow, I just came across this forum, wish I had found it sooner, I am a member of group that volunteers at a municipal shelter.Two yrs ago I pulled an  11 yr old dachshound that was brought in and never claimed.A year later I pulled a 11 yr old cockerspaniel, (I also have a 13 yr old Malinios, and a 5yr old mix breed, and three cats,)  About a month ago the dachshound became very sick, vommiting, diarrhea and weight loss, His blood work came back indicating his kidneys were damaged and his urinalysis showed he had an infection. I thought maybe his kidneys were damaged from the rimadyl he was taking,  All I know is, I was freaking out and wanted answers, The X-Rays showed an old herniated disc, but nothing else, and his kidney values were out of range but not life threatening. I was back and forth to the vet for two weeks, we tried all kinds of medication for the vommiting and the diarrhea, we tried prednisone to increase his appetite, I syringed pedilyte and food into him for two weeks straight. (I didnt get an ultra sound because I was running low on funds) At the same time "Duffy" my cocker, started getting sick too, at first he would just fall over, then we thought he was fainting, then he started having seizures, his blood work showed kidney damage too, every day the siezures got worse, I took him thurs and we were going to try anti seizure meds, and vasotec for his heart, yesteday I knew he wasnt going to make it and we had to put him down, this was so unexpected I am still in shock, I dont know if this was the result of their age or the rimadyl I was giving them, Rudy is stable for the time being, but I know now what to expect, and I am so glad I can refer to this forum for help, I have a feeling you will be hearing from me alot over the next few weeks,  
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