Why are my dog's nipples leaking?
by Niecey2008, Nov 16, 2008
My chihuahua's nipples are leaking and she's not pregnant and not in heat.
by Niecey2008

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, Nov 13, 2008 11:19AM

Why is my chihuahua's nipples leaking? She has only had one heat and is not pregnant. She has very white liquid coming out of her nipples, just picking her up you get milk on your arms. Is this normal? She just turned 1 in Oct. and with her first heat we watched her very closely. So I know she is not pregnant. Please help me understand what is going on with my little peanut.

Thanks in advance,
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by ginger899Blank, Nov 18, 2008
This sounds like what's called 'false pregnancy'. It's her hormone levels, a bit up. Bet it's about 8-9 weeks since her season? Or thereabouts? This is common in unspayed *******. Very often it just goes away on its own, and so long as your dog's fit, things'll be fine, but it often comes back again and again. She won't be suffering, but might just feel a bit odd, with the hormone-swings. She might be clingy, or get attached more to a toy or cuddle it a lot, things like that. The only permanent solution to this is to get her spayed. This will protect her against womb problems later in life too. (Pyometra, or inflammation of the womb is serious, and an emergency. Symptoms of Pyometra can be: listlessness, sudden great thirst, perhaps vomiting, elevated temperature, sometimes, and sometimes not, discharge from the vagina.)
But false pregnancy in itself is not dangerous. It'll go away on its own. There are homeopathic remedies that can help: SEPIA 6c or PULSATILLA 6c  crush 2 tablets between 2 spoons. Don't handle the tablets. She might lick the powder up because it tastes nice. If not, add it to her water. Try 3 times a day. If there's improvement, cut down to twice, then once. When she seems better, stop the tablets.
by ginger899Blank, Nov 18, 2008
PS....this forum won't let me say b-i-t-c-h-e-s!!