can dogs actually eat papaya?
by nicole_nicole, Jan 28, 2011
my mum accidentally gave my dog a small slice of papaya this morning,she's ok after she have it, can i know whether is it harmful or dangerous for my dog to have it?! thanks~
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by Misfits4MeBlank, Jan 28, 2011
Yummy......Yes, your dog can have some Papaya....Fruits in minimal amounts are very good for them, as in for humans....Just don't overdue it, as too much can cause loose stools.....Karla
by smidlapp, Jan 28, 2011
Papaya is cool. A little after a meal helps dogs who have digestive issues. But things like onions no, the sweetener xylitol is a big no! And of course anything with caffiene in it (like chocolate). I keep some capsules of activated charcoal in my first aid kit in case my dog eats something he shouldn't. Charcoal blocks the absorbion of toxins. It will buy time while you contact your vet.
by nicole_nicole, Jan 29, 2011
thanks for your comment~! thank you so much!
by nicole_nicole, Jan 29, 2011
a big thank you for your really helped me! thanks!
by smidlapp, Jan 31, 2011
Your are very welcome! Thanks for the question.. Take care
by linlinweng, Feb 09, 2011
Hi Smidlappm

I wanted to inquire where you can purchase the "actived charchoal" you had mention previously in the post as an emergency-kit for a dog.  I would like to get one too for my dog.
by akaisha7, Sep 26, 2012
for those people they really want to know what kind of fruits to feed your dog papaya watermelon can feed these kind of fruit but don't overdo It.also I like to buy some time chicken breast or chicken breast in the Bone I boil it without any sald or oil .First I bring it to boil n then after I cook it  n low for Almost 45 to n hour for the meat to became tender n juice I put it in a container seal in keep it in the refrigerator for  the whole week of course depending how many dogs do you have only 1 Or 2 pieces maximum 3 a daOr a given is it treats for my dog the are very healthy and safe.