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I have an elderly dog(Rudy a doxie) I rescued two yrs ago,he is about 12-13yrs old now. Last month he became very sick with diarrhea, vommiting, and wt loss, the blood work indicated his kidneys are the cause, while not life threatening yet, he is showing signs of kidney failure, I got him through the vommiting and am trying to maintain his weight, he went from 16 lbs to 12.2 I was so happy to come across this forum, (we lost our other dog Duffy also a senior rescue on fri) his symptoms showed up so quickly  (we still arent sure what happened), he also showed signs of kidney failure, weakness, lethargy, but was eating, and had no diarrhea or vommiting He just started having seizures, and detoriated with in a week.Rudy is hanging in but I know this is temporary, I am now dealing with the foul smelling diarrhea, I have tried imodium (immodium), and some prescribtion meds, but its not doing much, thankfuly he only moves his bowels twice a day, I am using a belly band and a diaper, the mess isnt to bad, just have to bathe him after he goes.Do you know of anything else I could try? I am also giving him acidophilus. thanks
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Hello & welcome.....I don't believe that foul smelling Diarrhea is a symptom pf Kidney problems.....I feel your dog has something else going on.....You need to take a fecal sample to your Vet when they open up Tuesday....They will check it for parasites and/or Bacteria.....

There's a good discussion on the forum about kidney failure...It's long, but it will give you a world of information.....

It's on the 5th page (Scroll down to bottom to find pages) & Titled: "4th Stage Renal Failure in MY Dog".  It orginally started on Feb. 08....But has been updated many times....It's a must read.....

Good luck and hopefully others with knowledge will come by to help you out.....Karla
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I did take a sample, and it was all negative,  I came across a posting from 2008, reguarding kidney diease, it offered alot of information.woman named JayBay had some good answers, and I would love to get in touch with her, We arent sure what is going on, his calcium levels were low, and his bun and creatinine were out of range, he has lost 4lbs, there could be more going on maybe cancer, not sure? I will go over the post again, Thanks Deb
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I'm not saying bad diarrhea is not a symptom of kidney failure, because I believe it can be. However, it IS strange that it should be so foul-smelling. That does usually indicate some other thing going on such as infection, etc.
How was his white blood cell count?
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Oh, poor little Rudy.  I agree with the others and their advice.  I've been down this road in the past with old dogs.  There may be something else going on there besides the kidney problems.  Whatever it is may now be affecting her liver.  Sometimes, with old dogs, their organs just start to go, like in people.  As for the kidney issues and weight loss, you want to feed her a good protein source but keep the phophorus levels down.  You might try some canned Natural Balance like Fish and Sweetpotato.  At least maybe she will eat something Check the back of the can for the phophorus levels.  
You might try feeding some canned pumpkin (not the pumpkin pie filling).  
I hope he is still drinking fluids.
He really needs a good evaluation by your Vet, esp that blood panel.  
Good luck.  Hope you can get this under control.
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The vet didnt mention the liver enzymes, the white blood count at the time was elevated, he finished a course of antibiotics, I havent had his blood work re checked yet, I was taking the other dog back and forth to the vet and havent had a chance to get him back to be seen,I gave him the calcium and started him back on the predsione yesterday.This morning both the belly band and the diaper where soaked. The diarrhea was more like water. But he is up and around today drinking on is own? (Yesterday he just slept all day.) I would be so happy if I could get the diarrhea under control and get him to eat alittle more, He ate 1/2 cup of chicken and steak, and I have been giving him Nutra cal. He looks like he lost more weight, and I am wondering if I should go back to syring feeding him? The vet gave me some Azulfadrine to give him and it helped alittle bit, but not what I had hoped for. I have a feeling that he also has some form of cancer. When I pulled him from the shelter two yrs ago he was so sick looking I thought he wasnt going to make it through the weekend, his first vet visit went well all blood work was good, the vet did find a type of mange that she has never seen before, something you only see in dogs with immune disorder, The animal control officer said they picked him up on the side of the parkway, that the person that called him said he had be there for almost two days,  That was in Feb, 2009, He has a broken tail, a broken back foot and a ruptured disc in his back he also blind. He isnt typical of a dachshound he is very timid and withdrawn, I just want to make him comfortable for a while longer, and am desperate to relieve the diarrhea and maintain his weight, I will be taking him to the vet on tue night and I have a list of questions for him, but any suggestion reg the diarrhea and the weight issue would be appreciated, thanks so much for the support, this forum has been a big help,  
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Here's a few recipes to cook for a dog with Kidney Disease:


(low-protein, low-phosphorous, high-potassium, normal sodium) for Dogs

2 egg, large, cooked

4 cups potato, boiled with skin

3 tablespoons chicken fat
( or 1/4 cup chicken broth)

3 calcium carbonate tablets (600 milligrams calcium)   ( Tums)

1 per day :  multiple-mineral tablet ** ( NuVET below)

TO reduce the Salt - take away the chicken fat....

Food will stay good for 4 days Without Freezing it.
FEED 2-3 meals per day / EASY to digest when feeding smaller amounts.....



(low protein low phosphorus, high potassium, low sodium) for Dogs

2  cups cooked chicken breast - cut in cubes

5-6 cups potato, boiled with skin - then cut up in cubes

3 tablespoons chicken fat or 1/4 low sodium chicken broth

3-4  TUMS  (calcium carbonate tablets) (600 milligrams calcium)

1 multiple vitamin-mineral tablet



1 pkg. Salad Macaroni (cooked)
2 Cup Brown Rice (Cook separately: 1C Rice w/2.5 C water/45 min.)
2 Eggs Hard-boiled and chopped up finely  
8-10 Tums Crushed (calcium carbonate)  
½ pkg. Frozen Broccoli and  
½ pkg. Frozen Carrots - steamed until crisp/tender (chop up finely)  
Mix everything together. Can be frozen in small portions.
You can also add ½ -1 tablespoons -low calorie cottage cheese to each serving......

You can add a little bit of cooked ground chicken...and doubled the recipe for ease and frozen it in serving size portions.....
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