dog with pink eye
by rollercoasterlove, Apr 16, 2007
my dog has pink eye and i am wondering if humans can catch it, and if it is possible he could have got it from a human because he is very social.
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by rubyolivia, Apr 19, 2007
Are you sure it's pink eye? Some dogs (like boston terriers, bulldogs) get "cherry eye" and it is like the pink part of their eye "oozes" out. It's due to being WAY too excited or worked up. :) If it is pink eye  as in conjuctivitis....I don't know if people can get it! I sure hope not, though! That would really stink!
by muffysmom, Oct 12, 2007
did you ever get aresponse to question about pink eye? I just found out my Dog has conjunctivitis (same thing I think) and am wonder the same thing
by boxerbellasmommy, Oct 30, 2007
According to my vet, yes - pink eye in dogs can spread to humans and vice-versa. Be sure and wash your hands thoroughly after touching or treating your dog's eye!