involuntary teeth chatter
by paulagsp, Dec 17, 2007
My 9 yr old German Shorthaired Pointer started teeth chattering yesterday. I has never done this before. What could the cause be and should I call my vet?
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by hounddogmomma, Dec 17, 2007
Once in a great while one of my dogs will do this. It doesn't last though. It's like an excitement thing.
Like sitting on the deck and is in anticipation of seeing the neighborhood dog and pouncing off the deck to go howl at it.  If your dog keeps doing the chattering, I'd take him/her to the vet. It might be something that is no big deal. To me its better safe than sorry.
by PawPen, Dec 17, 2007
My 14 yr.old has done this off and on ever since we have had him. He does this when we take him outside and he sniffs where other dogs (Female) have urinated.I suppose the female scent excites him and causes this reaction.

by Finnish_Spitz, Oct 07, 2008
OK i understand the male dog thing but here is my issue: I have a female finnish spitz that has ben chattering her teeth for several months regardless of where she is she does not look like she is having siezures, because she is fully alert. I am a little worried because I haven't found out anything from anyone, I am going to take her to the vet soon.
by whatnowk9, Oct 13, 2010
I have a young Borzoi 4 yrs old that started doing this. It's not because a ***** is in heat or he's excited. It happens to him when he wakes up and throughout the day for no apparent reason. None of the vets I have spoke to know what it is. Does your dog drink lots of water? What other symptoms does he have that seem out of the ordinary? Concerned
by maxeke, Apr 15, 2012
Our 11 yr old  male GSHP has been doing this for about a month. Decided to document the chattering , looking for a pattern. No pattern, some days more chattering than other days.  Some chattering occurs after a yawn, some when he is just resting, no consistancy.
by Christine4815, Nov 23, 2013
Hi - my dog started this same behavior you describe involuntary teeth chattering often started with a yawn.  Her tongue is also going to the back and side of her mouth sometimes.  Did you find out what the cause of this with your dog?  Thank you