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my 11 week old lab puppy just will not eat
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my 11 week old lab puppy just will not eat

hi there everyone, i have a black lab puppy who is 11 weeks old, i have over the last 3 weeks tried everything,
you name it ive done it, put down picked up, starved, canned, dried, fresh, treats, nothing will interst him, he weighs
17 pounds, has plenty of energy and plays well and drinks well, he has clear eyes and wags his tail when i come in, his poos are nice and firm, his ribs are covered with a nice layer, but he is on the lean side and i think a little under weight, when he had his first vaccination at 8 weeks vet said he was fine, he has been wormed and de-flead,
i cannot even try to understand whats going on, but its really stressing me out, my mate has a 15 week old lab and it eats her out of house and home, can anyone give me any suggestions thankyou xxxxx
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Thank you for taking such good care of your precious little pup!  There are so many people out there who would just give up and throw the pup in a local dog pound not caring if the pooch would be euthanized.  
It sounds like your puppy is healthy despite the fact that he seems not to be eating.  17 pounds seems a bit light for an 11 week old lab pup unless he's on the small side.  I wonder if the vaccinations have anything to do with it?  He had shots at 8 weeks, he's 11 weeks old now, and he's eating problem has been going on for 3 weeks. It's probably just a coincidence.  
Another thought I'm having is the pup must be eating something, otherwise he wouldn't continue to have bowel movements.  After a few days or a bit longer he wouldn't have anything to poop out, if  he hadn't had anything at all to eat.  Is it possible he could be eating at nighttime when you're sleeping?  I'm just kinda thinking out loud.
You might want to consider taking him back to the vet again to get him checked.  And if you don't like what the vet tells you, or if you think the vet is dismissing you, then think about going to another vet.  One who will listen to you.
Good luck!!
Its very unusual for a pup to stop eating at this critical stage in his life .He might be fine now..... But he  wont be as it could set him back in the normal growth cycle.
I would think that your Vet would do a blood test to find out what was going on.
You know your Pup better than the Vet and to not eat for this long is not good at all.
So when you go back to the Vet tell him and I mean tell him you want to find out why your puppy is not eating normally..
Poor little baby should be roly poly at this age with puppy fat., they grow so rapidly   and they need this to fall back on.
Please let us know how you go.
hi there thanks for your comments,re- 11 week old lab not eating, today he ate 7 ounces of boiled chicken and two treat sticks and thats all, he still is playing and drinking water, and i do believe he pooped in garden today lol, i am taking him to the vets on friday for his 2nd shot, i will talk to him about this problem, in the mean time i have bought some puppy formula that is like ******* milk with all the vitamins and calcium at least he will be getting some proper nourishment, i have decided that in the morning i am going to give him a warm bowl of formula with a little weetabix, then i am going to put down the dry food wait 30 minutes pick it up and not put it back down for another 4 hours, just see waht happens it cant be any worse than what is happening now, thanks for your advice, i will keep you posted kind regards debbie (in uk)
that is unusual for a lab puppy, they usually have a very healthy appetite at that age.
However, we had a lab mix too and he never had a good appetite, He was a very picky eater and we've had dogs who were that way also!
  Maybe canned food would be better than dry. What are you feeding him? The dry, while good, sometimes doesn't appeal to all dogs.

sometimes the shots will affect a dog's health. Was his appetite affected immediately after giving him the vaccines? Definitely consult your vet, he shouldn't be lean or skinny at this age. Did you give him a worm test yet?
  young puppies often have worms. Ours had such long worms when he was young it was incredible. He was treated for it though. But worms can have a bad effect on their health. I'd call the vet right away if it were me, and you can afford to take them there.
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