my dog has brown spots that have appeared
by lissa1, May 16, 2010
he is seven yrs old he has been getting brown spots appearing on his testicles what causes this, the vet says pigmant discoloration  is this true
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by emsybaby, May 16, 2010
i think its age spots, i may be wrong but my nans dog had them all over his belly
by Princessdaniella, May 16, 2010
Just like people, dogs can definitely have changes to their skin pigment as they age. If Your vet has seen him I would trust Your vet, a vet is able to tell a normal skin discolouration.
by ginger899Blank, May 16, 2010
If the spots aren't raised, scab-like, inflamed in any way, but instead are just like freckles, then I don't think that's anything to worry about. My previous dog, who was a white dog, developed these freckles both on his testicles, and on his belly. And it wasn't age-related for he had them when he was younger too. It WAS sun-related. He always developed them in the summer, and they faded away in the winter.
Also, they were not related to skin cancers of any kind. He never developed skin cancer.
by chasha33, May 17, 2010
I would have to say the spot are just a change in the skins pigmentation..My pekingese has alot of dark spots on her and the older she gets the more she gets of them.My little boy Peke has little spots all over his body and he gets more in the summer and like Ginger said about her baby his goes away after Summer.