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my dog just died suddenly
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my dog just died suddenly

I am looking for some kind of comfort or direction after just loosing my dear Coco.  I adopted Coco (black lab) from the Humane Society and she has been such a gift for me and my family for the past 6 years. She passed on Saturday morning-only 7 years old.  Coco stopped eating food this past week.  She vommitted one time on Tuesday. Then would not touch any food-she was only drinking water.  We took her to the vet on Friday. She did not have a temperature.  He didn't seem too concerned.  He drew some blood and gave her a shot of cortisone and an antibiotic.  A few hours later she threw up bile. Then continued to throw up bile several times throughout the evening.  We let her go outside to get some fresh air-then checked on her and she was laying down-lifeless without a heart beat. Coco passed away.   I am feeling guilty and confused and extremely sad.  Should I have taken her to the vet earlier?  Should I have taken her to the hospital after she started throwing up bile? Could she have cought something at the groomers a week earlier?  Could the cortisone shot cause her death?  Before last week she showed no signs of illness.  She was a healthy, happy, and playful.  Could she have had a serious illness without me knowing?  But would it have taken her that quickly without any symptoms?  I am so saddened and confused.  It is the holiday weekend and my vet is not answering their phone lines and their mailbox is full.  Can someone please lead me in some type of direction or give me some possible reasons for her untimely death?
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Avatar m tn
I am so sorry to hear of your dog's passing! I know all to well how awful it is to lose a beloved pet.
Woulda, coulda, shoulda.....unfortunately our pets do not have the ability to tell us how they are feeling, what they ate, what is hurting, ect. It is a guessing game. My dog occasionally does not eat much for days at a time, especially if it is hot. I know this of my dog so it does not alarm me. And if he runs around like a maniac or does not chew his food all the way he will also on occasion throw up.
My point is that he could truly be ill but I could just be thinking that he is being him. What happened to your dog could happen to mine as well. You said that Coco was drinking water so I would not have been to alarmed either.
I do not think that you have anything to feel guilty about. This is just one of those unfortunate things that happens when pets are a part of our family.
I am so sorry!
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Oh my dear I do so feel for you !and no you did not do anything wrong.It could have been anything.
It sounds like a heart attack maybe it was weakened before you even saved her.What ever she had it would have made no difference the vet would have said the same thing so nothing lost there.

If it is any comfort  ! with heart attacks it happens so quickly.Example we had a wonderful old horse aged 29yrs he won us many races in the past .... we  also bred him,he was happily munching on his feed and he dropped down suddenly ,he jumped back up and carried on eating 5min later he dropped again he was dead before he hit the ground still had his mouth full of feed,he had a wonderful life as he loved to race and we also trained him.We just stood there in shock.But thankful he went that way.

Your beautiful lady would have felt nothing she would not have known......It could have been  anything, but not a virus, nor inflammation ....  it just about had to be heart failure or something along those lines as there was no temperature.

These things happen ......just know that you did your best for her and she was happy being part of your family, ok she was ill for a few days ! but imagine if she had cancer like so many of our wonderful dogs on here ! please just have a look just thank god she escaped all that.

Please get yourself another dog to love and care for there are so many poor dogs out there crying out for a loving home  in hopelessness and despair as you would know ,if you could do that would help you as well to come to terms with your loss.

Come back on here  sometimes ...... you seem to be a loving caring person and there is always room for someone like you to help and give advice to others who need it.

                           sincerely Joan.
Avatar n tn
Thank you for your support and comforting
words. I truly appreciate it.
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I am so sorry about the loss of your pet.  You did everything you could.  In time you will find comfort in the memories you 2 shared~~~~sara
1437650 tn?1284165093
I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog...I lost my lacey..9-6-2010...The night before she died we played together...there were no signs of her being sick...I got up the next morning to take her out...she was in her cage laying on her side with blood comming out her mouth...her eyes were staring...she was still breathing until i told her i was there and petted her...then she took her last breath and died...I believe she waited for me to die...I still wonder why this happened...I loved her so much...she was only 1 1/2...She was a special part of my life...I know what your going through...My heart goes out to you...I'm so sorry
Avatar f tn
I am so sorry for your loss.
Experiencing the loss of a pet is very similar to the death of a person.
Please do not try to second guess yourself or try to find reasons in her death.
A vet at a teaching Vet Cinic in Tuskegee, Alabama , said to me that by the time pet owners recognize that there is health problem with their amimal, that, because animal can not speak, it is usually too late.  The animal is usually very sick and hard to turn around.
I have had many oved pets to die, one 2 years ago.  There is certainly a grieving period.
I just always try to remember that I gave them the best care and love that I could.
Cry whenver you need to do so.  I will take time.
Hope this helps-
alma 60
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Oh my dear, I am so very sorry for the sudden loss of your much loved dog.

Please do not feel guilty.  You rescued her and gave her a wonderful life before she passed.  Such a shock to lose a pet so suddenly.  Celebrate the life you gave her.  I too have a rescue dog, and he has gone blind, there is nothing that can be done.  He is 6 years old.  We all support each other here, and many have sad tales to tell, but there are many loving people here who rescue dogs.  We do all we can for them, and you did just that.

Take care, and if you want to talk about it, we are all here to listen.
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