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old dog retching
My dog has for quite some time developed retching every singe time he has a drink of water and eventually does bring back up a small amount of water/clear fluids.  In these last few months this has increased but no longer necessarily related to drinking water and is irregular, perhaps more pronounced later at night where I can hear a 'wetness' to his breathing.  He is close to 14 years of age, German Sheppard cross Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle dog) and a large dog 45kg.  His exercise is now limited to less than a km.  His breathing rate is normal at rest.

I took him to the vet who could not hear his heart properly nor his breathing.  Her excuse was his weight.  Her next suggestion was to take 4 x-rays (1 attached) to check for heart size and fluids in his lungs (possible early onset of congestive heart failure and or cardiomyopathy).  $300 later the x-rays are examined and his heart size looks normal and no other advice (e.g.' fluids in his lungs) is provided.  In other words I am not given a prognosis of any type nor prescribed any medication to deal with my dogs symptoms! I asked about furosemide (Lasix) but was refused any treatment until it was clearer to both veterinary doctors (includes senior partitioner) that there is a reason for it.

With that excuse in mind, I am next asked if I would mind if they sent the x-rays onto another veterinary for an 'expert' advice at a cost of another $130
Hello, was I born yesterday?  Where does all this end and what happened to my other $300 for the x-rays and consultation fees of $65 for 15 minutes?
I like to think that Veterinary doctors have worked hard to be where they are now and should be paid for their valuable services, but I start asking questions when I walk out of the vet practice empty handed for my $365.

After a stern discussion, I was able to get the x-rays emailed (apparently even though I paid $300 for them I do not own them!), so here I am.  Can anyone qualified, able to check these x-rays, identify anything abnormal and recommend any course of action?

Thank you very much for your support.
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