ruptured ear drum
by suzieQ531, Jan 10, 2008
I have a 10 year old doxie who just had to have her ears flushed due to bad infection.  During the process a ear drum was broken.  She is on baytril but due to another condition we have to be careful with steriods. She is eating great and keep it all down. She can see me and her eyes focus on me but since she has been feeling better and getting up and around she is starting to walk around in circles. If I walk along with her she does much better and if I help guide her she does better also.She does hear my voice and trires to follow it! It has only been 6 days since the procedure and 5 teeth were also removed.  My question is, is it time to panic or too soon, is this a normal thing for her to do.  I am so worried about her and other than walking in the circles she is fine, her balance is pretty good too considering the ear, Help!!
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by utahmomma, Jan 10, 2008
I'm betting the walking in circles is because of loss of equilibrium from the ruptured eardrum.  My eardrum ruptured a few years ago and it made me very dizzy and disoriented (stairs were nearly impossible).  Call your vet and ask their opinion.

Give her hugs from me - I'm home taking care of my sick 10-year old dachshund girl today too!
by nakitatate, May 19, 2008
we just had my dog checked
after we new that he has not been himself for a while
he used to be so happy evreytime someone would come over he would get all jump
then symtoms included:
shivering when we had the heater on ect.
he can only shake the bottom half of his body
whinig and yoping when we barely even touch him
because we go to pick him up he startes whinig
weve searched up meningitis but it turns out he has a rupturred ear drum

how severe is it and what is the treatment?
by Misfits4MeBlank, May 19, 2008
Did your Vet diagnose the Ruptured ear drum and not provide treatment?  All of your dog's symptoms are of Extreme Pain! A ruptured ear drum is unusually painful...I've had one! Yes, is can be treated. Treatment would include oral antibiotics and I would ask for something for pain, until the meds start working. Please, do not let this go....It will only get worse...Hope he gets well, soon.....Karla