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sick yorkie
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sick yorkie

My yorkie has been sick and vomiting for more than 24 hours.  My vet suspects food poisoning.  I'm wondering if I should take her to another vet to have some blood work done.  Is there some way to test to see what made her sick...if there is some sort of toxin?   My vet doesn't have that kind of equipment in his office.  He could take blood, but would have to send it out to be tested and I wouldn't have results for 3 days.  I could really use some advice.  I don't understand why she is still sick.  I'm wondering if my vet can do anything else to help her.

Two nights I ago I posted that my yorkie, Bella, had hives.  I gave her about 5 ml of benadryle. She is 1 yr and 4 months old and weighs around 5 lbs.  The benadryle seemed to help for a few hours, but then she started vomiting several times throughout the night and seemed lethargic.  I gave her water from a dropper and also some sugar water.  She was shaking so I feared low blood sugar as well as dehydration.  She snapped out of it soon, but would still not drink any water and didn't seem to feel well.  By morning the hives were gone, but she still was not feeling well.

I took her to the vet and he seemed to think it was food poisoning.  She was a bit dehydrated so he gave me some electrolytes, some pills for vomiting and some kind of detox pills.  He also gave her a shot for the vomiting, which she had a reaction to and seemed very disoriented and dizzy....very scary!  She snapped out of that in about 30 minutes.
She didn't vomit throughout the rest of the day and did eat some scrambled eggs....still no water thought.  I continued with the dropper.  She ate some chicken but threw that up in the afternoon.  In the evening she ate some more chicken...a smaller amount this time and kept it down.  She started throughing up again in the night about every 2 hours.....bile and dry heaves.  I continued with the dropper throughout the night.  This morning she still will not drink water or eat now.

There are several things that could of caused this.....She got in the trash on Sat night and ate part of that white padding that goes under the raw chicken.  The inside of it has that jellied looking stuff that reminds me of the inside of a disposable diaper.  She also ate a peice of pinapple and some pomegranite seeds Sunday afternoon.  Also, my sons girlfriend gave a little pinch of stuffing that had mushrooms and onion in it.  Or maybe it was the benadryle that made her sick?  I also thought of something else which I'm going to ask my vet about when I take Bella back today....I gave her and my other 2 dogs a herbal suppliment that goes on their food for fleas.  It smells very strongly like garlic.  I had only given it to her for 3 or 4 days before she got sick.

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Garlic and onion are both on the no-no list for dogs (check out the full list on the Health Pages at the upper right of this page).  That white padding from meat packaging usually has plastic on one side of it, which can really mess up a dog's digestive system.  While I worked in vet surgery, I saw two Rotties die from plastic getting stuck in their intestines and eventually rotting them away because it didn't pass through and backed everything else up (meat packaging in one case and police tape in the other).  Not to say that's going to happen with your dogs, but if they're big trash eaters, PLEASE put your trash cans in a cupboard or above their heads.

Did you let your vet know you gave her Benadryl?  I honestly don't know the correct dose for a dog that small.  Also, in humans, a lot of anti-nausea meds are actually the same class of chemicals as Benadryl, so it's important not to mix them.  It may be the same with vet meds.  I don't know of any vet facilities (including the teaching school down the road) that have their own dedicated, on-site lab to return results the same day.  I think just about anywhere you go, you're going to have to wait for results.  Sometimes it's simply because the test takes time to run.

Have you posted this in one of the Vet Expert Forums?  They might be better able to sort through all the various causes.
I'm so sorry to learn that Bella is so sick. If i were you , i'll take her to the vet rightaway,it's not good to vomit for 24hrs.Benadryl is 1mg per 1 pound.But like in humans,it'll make her very sleepy.AireScottie is right,anything with onion and garlic is very bad like chocolate,very toxic,very bad to kidneys.As she is very small,be very careful with the med that you give her,you really have to take her to the vet.Pls let us know how she'll be.
I am sorry to hear about your little one as well.

Do you know what strength Benadryl you used?   Eden is right, most veterinarians recommend 1mg per pound and if you gave her 5 ml of the 12.5 mg per 5 ml strength, she probably got about double her recommended dose.  Vomiting and GI upset are not uncommon with overdoses of Benadryl.

It also sounds like your pup has a little too much freedom to get into things.  As AireScottie said, keeping the trash secure is vitally important, even for little dogs like Yorkies.  If the vomiting doesn't stop soon, you may need to consider having xrays done to look for a foreign body in her digestive tract.

With respect to your question about testing for poisons, you would really have to know what kind of poison to look for in order to do blood testing.  There are so many toxins that it is virtually impossible for a lab to test blood and say "Yes...this dog was poisoned by X".

Most veterinary laboratories have a turn around time of about 24 hours.  I am not sure why it would take 3 days to get results, so you might want to clarify that with your veterinarian.  Also, many emergency centers have in house blood testing that might be useful to you if she is not improving soon.

Oh...I would also discontinue the herbal supplements for fleas...there is no evidence that these types of supplements are effective and right now it is probably confounding the issue.

Good luck...let us know what you find out.
Bella seems to be feeling much better.  Thank God!  She didn't vomit all day yesterday or during the night.  She has her appetite back although I fed her very small amounts several times throughout the day so she didn't upset her stomache.  She was urinating and having normal bowel movements even while she was sick.  The only thing is she still isn't drinking water.  I thought maybe she just wasn't thirsty since I was still giving her dropper fulls of the electrolytes yesterday.  She slept through the night and I offered her water in the morning and she wouldn't drink it.  She still wont drink any water although, I made some chicken broth for her and she drank that.

I had only given that herbal flea supplement to the dogs for 3 days.  I haven't given it to any of them since Bella got sick.  I asked the vet about it since it smelled like garlic and I know that garlic can upset a dogs stomache and I was surprised  when he said  it had garlic in it.  That doesn't make much sense doese it?   I'm deffinately not giving them that again.

By the way our trash is kept under the kitchen sink in the cupboard.  My daughter had taken the bag out of the can and was going to take it outside to the can on her way because she was leaving soon.  This was the first time Bella has ever gotten into the trash.  I'm really surprised because she is a tatle tale....she barks at and chases the cat away when he tries to get in the trash.  Believe me everyone in this house has been warned about leaving the trash by the door to be taken out on the way somewhere.

Oh I looked back at what I wrote in my original post and I said I gave her 5 ml and I meant 5mg...oops.  I gave her 5 mg.  I had looked that up online before I gave it to her.  I am still wondering if the benadryl did upset her stomache.  I am never giving that to her again just in case.

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