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This forum is for questions and support regarding Down Syndrome issues such as Dental Problems, Communication Problems, Developmental Disabilities, Hearing Loss, Hypothyroidism, Immune System Problems, Learning Disabilities, Joint Problems, Muscle Weakness, Respiratory Disorders, Seizures, Sleep Apnea, Weight Problems.

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i was wondering how hard is it to look after a child with down syndrome im only 21 and the doctor said i was in the high risk area thanks for your time
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It depends. Children with down syndrome can be born with health problems. The range of complications that go with down syndrome is very wide.

I was 21 years old when my son TJ was born. He has Down Syndrome and I knew before he was born. I had an amnioscentesis done at 16 weeks because we were testing to see if he had a genetic skin disorder that I can pass on to each baby I have. It's a %50 for each baby I have to be born with the same genetic skin problem i've got.

I found out at 17w that he did have down syndrome and we were shocked. We had no warning... I'm a christian and I think somewhere in my heart I knew or suspected because that morning I called their office with one question... I asked if they screened for Down Syndrome.
DS and Autism were my worst fears.... But then DS happened, lol. God has a funny sense of humor huh?

TJ was the best thing to ever happen to me. He was born with 3 holes in his heart and required open heart surgery. He did have the skin disorder and was born a month early so he spent time in the NICU. he had his open heart surgery at 10w old but had complications related to both DS and the skin problem. If he didn't have the skin problem he would'nt have had such severe complications but he spent 3 months in the hospital and 6w of that was on life support.... all that delayed him pretty badly so he's almost 3 now, and we are teaching him to stand up, and trying to teach him to crawl. He's improving and pushing backwards in a walker now (YAY)

He uses sign language because he's hard of hearing and we are waiting for a hearing aid but I'm fluent in sign. My husband is learning it along with our son, lol. A DVD set for kids called Signing Times works great and we have a 2nd son who is 16 months younger than TJ who has learned some sign as well. He's actually alot bigger than his big bro though.

To answer your question.... It's not easy to look after a child with Down Syndrome. BUT It's not easy to look after a child without down syndrome either.

If I were to compare the two. . .. The health issues definitely were really tough but once we got past that it was pretty easy.
The physical therapy isn't too hard. Both kids bicker and fight, if I give one boy a bite of my food I have to give the other boy a bite.

If you have any specific questions feel free to messge me, or send a message to Dragon1973. her name is Sandi and she's got a son with Down Syndrome as well.
If one boy gets a toy the other boy wants, They're brothers, and they're kids. to me it's no different having a child with Down Syndrome than having a child without Down Syndrome.
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