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Could any of this mysterious stuff be dysautonomia?
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Could any of this mysterious stuff be dysautonomia?

22 year old male, healthy but series of perplexing life-long symptoms. Some odd findings recently include:

1.) Prolonged sinus pauses recorded on Holter while sleeping (in excess of 2.5s, usually more like 4)
2.) Down to 28BPM while sleeping
3.) Max heart rate suddenly increased from about 202 to 218 (I'm a runner and I always had a max of around 200-204 and suddenly about a year ago this changed as race or VO2 efforts suddenly produced much higher heart rates never before obtainable)
4.) Throughout life constantly feeling lightheaded and like I will pass out
5.) Body temperature of about 97.4-97.6F throughout my life
6.) Massive sweating with exercise (about 1-2lbs per mile on average)
7.) Lots of heart arrhythmias through the years, said to be benign, but major episodes have never been "caught" on a monitor
8.) Chronic fatigue and constant need for sleep (sleep an average of 12-13 hours per 24 hour period)
9.) Very brisk deep tendon reflexes ever since I was a kid
10.) Almost zero muscle flexibility since I was a kid (about as spastic as you can be without being pathologically spastic)
11.) Constant muscle fasciculations
12.) Over the past year or so I have developed a sort of "ratcheting" feeling in my quads when walking down stairs or whenever I have to perform eccentric contractions
13.) Supine hypertension coupled with fuzzy vision when standing up (orthostatic hypotension)

Neurological and cardiology testing has turned up basically normal through the years. EMG's, EKG's, echos, etc. What would cause all these symptoms and much more? I'm really not crazy, I feel sick all the time, even though I appear healthy and I think a lot of people think it's just in my head. I don't know.
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Your slow heart rate while sleeping definitely sounds like bradycardia.  According to Mayo Clinic's website, the target heart rate while exercising for someone your age is 139-168 beats per minute, and the fact you've had the rate go up rather than down as a regular runner does not sound normal.  

With your low normal body temperature, do you normally feel cold?

With the orthostatic hypotension, does this happen even when you are well hydrated?  And have they made sure you are not anemic?

It really does seem you may have dysautonomia and since you've not been getting answers so far in your quest for what's wrong with you, you might consider travelling to a doctor/center where they specialize in dysautonomia for testing there.  Here's a link about specialists:

Also, with the sweating, have they looked at endocrine hormones and have they said you have hyperhidrosis?
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