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I   am just thinking kind of  out loud.

The   oother night I thought I  sip a    glass of wine at dinner. silly me!
Wiithinn a couple minutes and  problay not but a couple TLBs) hubby saws how red ii am. Not sure it was alcohol itself, or that was red wine and histamines??

I've been thinking back to when I was a kid, I NEVER would sweat. When I played I would get beet red.
I  even rememeberd there was a day (3rd grade) I woke up laying on the ground (palying 4 square) . The kids were looking at me, I was like chewing, llicking my lips. I nnever told  any one, i was embarassed. And from online now, I wonder if it had been some seizure? Makes me wonder if this all began back then, hum.

A year or so ago i was sitting outside, springtime maybe 70* in the sun for 15-20 minutes. I wass completely hydrated, and did not feel hot. It was that wham bam ,hit me up the side the head all the sudden flood gates and sweating   profusely, I never had that before.  Almost pass out on the way inside, got my cuff aand had a good O.H. (65/47)
When i could I looked in the mirror and was that deep red.

Then yesterday I realized sometimes I just    flush for the heck of it.
Anyways, not sure why i am writing, don't think I have any questionsabout it all. Maybe just others tales.

hope alls well,
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Hi Amo,
I don't know about the other flushing instances, but I always thought flushing after drinking wine was a reaction to the sulfides(fites?) in it.  I am allergic to sulfides and that's how some wine affects me.  
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  Hey there :)

   I really do not know what to say accept that I can relate to the "No Sweating"
And that kinda *****!   I get so hot inside and feel as if I could just sweat I could get cooled off!  

    I do not know when this becomes a serious issue for us?? The Not sweating part.
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Hi AMO and group,

It seems there are several reasons wine can cause this reaction.  I found a great article that quotes some scientific sources and explains many of the theories.  About 1% of the population has an allergy to sulfites like vbc2000.  Some people lack an enzyme to handle histamine  and red wine has 200x the amt of histamine as is in  white wine.  Others may be responding to the tannins in the grapes which can cause a release of serotonin and may in some lead to migraines. The article is at this link and I found it interesting.


Amo it does sound like you may have had symptoms of seizures back when you were a child.  It must feel a bit surreal to be realizing that now looking back.  The other children must not have realized they should get an adult.
They probably just realized you were acting differently then normal.

  Some people are very sensitive to the sun and heat will dilate blood vessels and set off dysautonomia symptoms.  This is why patients with dysautonomia should avoid hot showers and saunas and heat in general.  It causes more hypotension and could even lead to syncope.

I have a lot of allergies in general and avoid red wine due to the histamin response I get.  I also flush at times when I get around dust. Sometimes I don't know what sets it off but I usually feel quite allergic at the time. Another family member will flush if they are even around alcohol as in someone else is drinking wine in the same room.  I consider that ultra sensitive!  This is one subject I pondered for years as I used to suddenly turn bright red.  IT was only much later my allergies were diagnosed.  Marie

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