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Why am able to have different measurement of blood pressure (especially...
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Why am able to have different measurement of blood pressure (especially systolic) in a short span of time?

Since I noticed that I have unstable bp, I have been monitoring my bp several time a day.
Many a time, the first measurement was high (around 140--150), I then tried to relax myself and then
I was able to get measurement around 120-130 (systolic). My diastolic bp is mostly withing the range (below 80).
Am I having "isolated systolic hypertension" and need treatment or it's just an autonomic instability (my personal guess)?
I do notice that if I am excited or upset, the systolic measurement will be high.
By the way, my pulse rate is always in the low end between 50-60. There are times that it would even go as low
as 43.  After exercise, the bp are almost always nice around 100-115 over 60- 70 while pulse rate is still around
55. (I use digital type of monitor).
If emotion affects me so much, am I having some type of autonomic instability or I am just having hypertension?
(years ago, I had syncope after heavy exercise or when I had stomach pain due to BM).
I am confused as to my condition like this. The doctor would just prescribe bp meds without further evaluating the condition.
Your assistance would be highly appreciated.
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Hi mimi,

I am not sure if you have a diagnoses of dysautonomia or if you are noting symptoms and trying to figure out if you might have one.  For sure tracking your BP and pulse often and looking for patterns goes a long way in helping both you and your doctors understand what is going on.  Most people here have had a tilt table test for diagnoses as well as cardiac monitoring to check out the heart.

I have not had autonomic testing as yet so I can't speak to what is for sure going on in my own surges of BP but I do have a dx. of a type of dysautonomia.  I and some others here came into our bouts of low pressure with high blood pressure.  I and some others have had a reactive high BP that seems set off by different things.  In a normal day I can have 107/64 and 145/95 with surges on occasion like 165/102 or even 200/150.  With a stroke history that isn't good.  My doctor has given me a short acting med to take if it get above 170.  I am going to talk to him more about it next visit as I think the approach to high BP at night might fit here as well.  They use a patch that can be taken off.

Anyway, I have noted that some people on the forum that have surges of blood pressure and have had autonomic testing have noted it is due to surges of adrenaline.  I have read journal articles that dopamine can surge as well.  In some dysautonomias the person adapts to it over time.  In other cases not.

During the last six months I have had lots of changes in BP.  At times the systolic has been variable and then at times the diastolic, and sometimes both. Nothing seems to stay the same.  I also go through plateaus after BP lowers.  I have weaned off all my BP meds then had to go back on one.

Some people have what is called white coat syndrome and get an elevated BP with emotion and often dr. visits thus the name.  It is my understanding that this is not so abnormal.  If however you get huge jumps like going up to above 170 systolic that would be of some concern.

BP can also vary due to kidney problems.  I think tracking your numbers and finding a good doctor who can look at the numbers and check out anything suspicious is a good way to go.  Hope you find answers.  Marie
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